“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 (ESV)

A miracle is defined as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency” (Oxford Languages Dictionary). This just happened in our city!!! Though the medical establishment doesn’t want to use the “M” word, the timeline of this event along with the recovery is truly miraculous and unexplainable!

Just recently a friend of mine was healed! Yes, really, and dramatically!!! It was a life and death moment, and he even saw the angel of death. But God had another plan! Stewart became sick with COVID and wound up in the hospital over a recent weekend. On the following Monday, He felt the Holy Spirit told him to request to get intubated. The medical team told him that people don’t request to be intubated, as most know, once the ventilator is in place, most people never come off of it. But because Stewart was so close to needing it anyways, they agreed and on Monday afternoon he was intubated.  Monday night and Tuesday a team of doctors and nurses were fighting for his life.  On Tuesday night 50 people gathered outside the hospital and literally thousands around the country, to pray for Stewart and his family. He even had nurses and doctors praying within his room at various times throughout this journey. Then on Wednesday morning as they went to flip him from his stomach to his back, Stewart woke up! He was supposed to be unconscious for weeks, but instead the healing began and Stewart was taken off the ventilator Sunday morning, and then was home with no oxygen by Thursday!!!  He was only in the hospital for 13 days.  Praise God! Though he is still recovering (and we’re praying for a complete and rapid recovery), there is a sense of amazement, awe and destiny upon him!

I totally believe that there are a multitude of reasons behind God releasing a miracle in our city. First and foremost, for His glory! Thousands upon thousands are praising God today because of this miracle. Second, Stewart’s time is not up yet, nor is his assignment complete! In fact, he is gaining greater clarity as to what that means! Third, this is a foreshadow, a first fruit of what’s coming! A new day that we cannot even imagine is coming upon us, soon! The M word will not be a rarity anymore! Fourth, this demonstrates the power of united, fervent, focused prayer that crossed denomination boundaries as well as national borders! God moves when His people join together in such believing prayer! Fifth, this lifts our faith to believe for more miracles! Let’s keep asking for God to do what man says is impossible!

And I am sure there are more reasons than this!

Please pray for Stewart’s complete and quick recovery. Pray that he and DeAnn (his wife) would step into what God has for them in this next season. Pray for everyone who cried out for Stewart to be ignited with faith to pray for more miracles! Lay down before the Lord in prayer any and every place you need a miracle. Get others to join you in agreement! Pray for miracles to be believed for and released in your church! Pray that God would release a new level of the miraculous in our city and across our nation. Thank Him that we are alive for such a day that is upon us!!!