I recently heard that there are nearly 10,000 new students arriving at UGA this Fall. The number is actually 9,500, which includes 5,700 Freshmen and 3,800 transfers. This is a lot of new students, most of them need to be plugged into a local church and campus ministry. And thanks to Covid, the onsite orientations this summer have been greatly reduced, so most of these students will be arriving in August with little or no contact by any of these ministries/churches. Please be praying that God would prepare the hearts of each one of these new, incoming students, to receive the gospel, to connect in a church and campus ministry and to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ! Ask God to even now, put into place divine connections this summer, and for those first two weeks on campus to be filled with divine encounters with God. Pray that every one of these students would meet a follower of Jesus, and receive an invitation during those first 14 days. Pray that these students would be absolutely surprised by God!!!

And please mark your calendar for our Back to School Prayer Vigil on Saturday, August 7 from 9am to 6pm in The Gallery at Athens Church. This is an opportunity to pray for all the students (k through college) going back to school in Athens! Check with your church to see what time their ONE HOUR slot is at. If your church doesn’t get a slot, praying folks are welcome to come any time during the day the room in open!