Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Romans 12:9 (NIV)

Love requires something. God loved, so He gave (John 3:16). Today, to love, we must intentionally do something. To do nothing is something (I know, it sounds like Winnie the Pooh)! To be silent in the day of evil is to be complicit in it. To tolerate evil, is to become partners in it. We cannot comply our way out of tyranny! Evil is a relentless, bottomless pit, that is never satisfied. We must rise up and say ‘no more!’

There are some 400,000 pastors in the US and tragically, most are complying to tyranny! Pastors need to oppose tyranny! They cannot remain silent in the pulpit! The Black Robe Regimen needs to arise again! Congregations need to stand up and ask why their church isn’t standing up against evil!

Where are the pastors supporting the parents at the school board meetings! Things like CRT and sexual perversion are being rammed down our kids throats! Parents are now referred to as “domestic terrorists” simply because they voice their opinion at school board meetings.

Nevertheless, there is a baptism of fire coming to the pulpits across our nation, across our city! Cry out for God to raise up another black robe regiment, a remnant of pastors who will say no to tyranny, not just with their words, but also with their actions. The Black Robe Regimen were pastors who not only speak up in the pulpits about the tyranny of the British, but would join the effort, physically, to resist and fight for independence! They were key components for the victory over British control.

Pray for your pastor to have a faith infusion, that the Holy Spirit would release boldness in the sermons, and in their actions. Ask God to stir up your church to become active against the fight of tyranny in our city and nation. Ask the Lord what specific role you are to play in this battle for our nation. Remember to do nothing in the face of evil is to partner with it.