“… and the lot fell to Matthias…” Acts 1:26 (NIV)

After Jesus’ ascension, but before the outpouring at Pentecost, a replacement for Judas was required. The Disciples looked among themselves for candidates who had walked with Jesus from His baptism to His ascension. 

Joseph known as Barsabbas the Just, and a guy named Matthias were the top choices. Barsabbas, seemed to have the better resume, after all, he was called ‘the Just!’ But when the dice (lots) were thrown, Matthias won. The reality is, nobody won or lost. 

With God there is no second place, there are no runner ups, no “tried but rejected!” The fact that he was already referred to as the Just meant he kept doing what he was doing (but soon he’d be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be even more effective at it and who knows whatever other gifts he got). God has each of us right where He wants us. He has gifted each of us differently, and He positions us accordingly. In this hour it is vital to find that spot, and stay in our own lane, that is, be who God created us each to be.

If you feel disappointed because you have been bypassed for a promotion, or feel invisible to those around you, or see yourself as a second, consider Barsabbas, and keep trusting the Lord to open the doors for you when the time is right, that is according to His wisdom. His plan for you may not look as you think, but trust that He knows what He is doing. Perhaps He has waited for such a time as this to promote you into your destiny!

Btw, the name Matthias mean gift of God!

Ask the Lord to show you any place that disappointment has dis-appointed you from where and what God has for you. Tell Him you are willing to do whatever it is He has put you on this planet to do. Make that your daily cry to Him. His will not yours!