“The earth will shake with the shout, ‘Babylon has been taken!’” Jeremiah 50:46a (NLT)

In Revelation 18 we are told of a mighty angel, who has great authority, is illuminated by the splendor of God’s glory, and shouting with a mighty voice “Fallen is Babylon the Great! (v2). Another voice from heaven cries out to God’s people, come out of her before her judgment falls (v4). Then we find out that she, Babylon, is destroyed in one hour (v19). Though this judgment tarries at the moment, it will not delay! This is time for God’s holy people to come out of Babylon, flee from her, and shout with a mighty roar!

We, God’s holy people, will not fade into the night in silence! We will not go down in this day of darkness! We will shout with a terrible battle cry for our King! This is time for a mighty roar! May the whole earth shake by the sound of the roaring remnant! Our roar shoots terror into our enemy. Our roar is a loud statement of faith that says we will not fade away out of fear. Our roar can be heard in our prayers, in our decrees, in our worship, in our social media posts, in our lives! We will not fade in silence. We will see Babylon fall!

Please pray that the Holy Spirit would breathe on you and release His mighty roar! Ask God for grace to be loud with your faith, to shout in today’s darkness that “Babylon is falling” and “Jesus Christ is Lord!” Ask God fill you to overflowing with His boldness and faith so that your life, your words and every action is a loud statement to the world and the devil that you will not go down in the darkness. Pray for bold, loud faith to be released in your pastor, through the pulpit and his life! Pray for your church to get loud, so loud that the neighborhood around would shake by the sound of His presence, and your shouting lives and worship! Pray for the Church across our city to be filled with a fresh loud faith that cannot be contained!!!