“For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” Matthew 24:37 (ESV)

For over one hundred years Noah prophesied of a flood, something never to have been experienced by those on the earth. The evil was thick, so much so that God regretted making man (Genesis 6:6)! These humans, through demonic help, had corrupted the beautiful world God had created. For over one hundred years Noah was mocked and persecuted, all the way until the doors on the Ark were closed. Noah was known as a conspiracy theorist, until it started to rain! Noah did not convert one person. Not one person believed him or his message! At least until the ark doors were closed and the rains came. But by then it was too late! After the waters subsided Noah found himself in a new world. The old had been washed away and the new had come!

For one hundred years Noah’s prophetic warning fell on deaf ears. For a century Noah’s prophecy looked wrong and impossible. Many today hear the prophetic call of what God is going to do, but have now grown weary crying out to God saying “how much longer till you come and wash this darkness and filth away?” Trust God and His prophets (1 Chronicles 20:20) for He is not finished! It is coming, and it will be sudden just like the day the floodgates of heaven opened on Noah’s world!

Cry out for the weary church to wake up and get ready for the rains are coming. Cry out for the lost souls around you that are oblivious to the storm that is coming. Ask God to open their eyes and hearts before it is too late! Cry out for the prophetic voices that keep warning us, that God would strengthen them to stand in what God has shown them. Ask God to give you a grace to stand firm in this hour, standing with His prophets. Thank Him for the reward He promises to those who stand with His prophets (Matthew 10:40-41, 2 Chronicles 20:20).