For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” Romans 1:20 (ESV)

It literally takes more faith to believe there is no God as atheists do, than to believe there is! The recent decades of scientific discoveries and archeological findings have all reinforced the Biblical narrative. Yet, atheists blindly attack “religion,” looping Christianity as one of them! But the signs point to the God of the Bible! Many atheists are materialists, meaning that we only consist of matter. The ramifications of this are staggering… no morals, no laws, with murder being totally acceptable because human life is of no more value that bacteria. Slaughtering babies, killing elderly, in fact, taking the life of anyone whom we deem an unhelpful addition to society is encouraged. This is what our colleges are indoctrinating our kids with!

Nevertheless, many atheists once had faith, but because of wounds, disappointments and hypocrisy in the “church” they have hardened their hearts to God. I was recently sitting in a courtroom going through jury selection and the girl sitting next to me made a comment that atheism is still alive (I had made a comment on the book I had finished by Eric Metaxas called Is Atheism Dead?). Sad thing about it was this girl desperately needs Jesus, but because of the abuse she experienced growing up (according to her own words) she now stands aggressively against God, Jesus and His Church.

The world needs to see the real Jesus, not the one they were told about in Sunday School but had not impact on those teaching it. The world needs to see the Spirit empowered Church walking as the real Jesus walked and doing what the real Jesus did! The world needs to see believers who are real followers of the real Jesus Christ living out their faith in humility and authenticity.

Thank the Lord that He is real and science is daily pointing His way. Archeology is uncovering real Biblical cities and artifacts that substantiate the Biblical narrative! Praise God! Pray that your life would reflect the real Jesus to those around you. Pray that your church, staring with your pastor, would not shy away from addressing tough issues of our day. So many “atheists” feel the church is irrelevant for today, and sadly very many are! Pray that your church would be relevant for today, and speak on the hot issues that the world is shouting about (like abortion, borders, gender, etc.). Pray for “atheists” across our city would be healed and brought back into the faith. Pray for anyone you know that would fall into this category. Proclaim God’s love over them.