But an hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. Yes, the Father wants such people to worship Him.” John 4:23 (HCSB)

Several decades ago God put on my heart, day and night worship. Since then establishing nonstop worship and prayer has been a part of everything we do, wherever we went. Yet, in the Old Testament the only time that 24/7 worship was ever happening was when good kings followed after David’s model and established it in a specific location in Israel. But today there is a constant cloud of worship and intercession arising before the Throne from around the globe! It never stops! And we get to be a part of it here in Athens!

At AHOP we desire to see morning, noon and night “live” sets of prayer and worship ascending up to the Throne. Perhaps the Lord will allow us to go nonstop, but we don’t have to do it alone! Praise God, worship and prayer are also happening in several other places across our city, and houses of prayer are being established across our nation and beyond. With different models and formats, worship is no longer confined to one location, but the smoke from His altar arises to Him, continuously around the world! We don’t have to do it all from one place, but there is a synchronicity, a unity in the Spirit, that the lovers of Jesus are bringing together for Him. These worship and prayer gatherings are not like Sunday services, where programs and choreographed music is presented to a sleepy crowd as if they were at an event being entertained. Most people on Sunday come as spectators. No, the worship that God desires is not a simple medley of singing well-rehearsed songs. Worship/prayer gatherings, Houses of Prayer, or Upper Room’s, etc., provide a context where lovers of Jesus can come and simply seek His presence and pour out their love upon Him.

BTW, I believe the Church, the way we do church, is going to be changing in the near future. Our Sunday model is not working. Sure, people may be filling some buildings, but the day of program centered services are losing their effectiveness. The day of slick, 60 minute, make-me-happy services are not awakening nor helping prepare the Bride. And in a lot of ways, we have helped keep God’s people sleepy because of our services! But places that are beginning to seek His presence over programming are about to really grow. People are no longer looking for an entertaining service, but one that will feed and challenge them. People want answers, they desire meat, they long to linger in God’s presence, and leaders need to take them there.

Thank God for establishing a global house of prayer that goes day and night, continuously bringing incense of prayer and worship before Him! Ask God to continue to build His houses of prayer in our city. Ask Him to stir pastors in how to increase Spirit-empowered prayer and worship in their congregations and services, beyond Sunday mornings. Ask Him to draw people into the various expressions of the house of prayer in our city, where they can pursue Him in prolonged settings. Pray that God would increase AHOP to become a day and night house of prayer in our city. Ask Him for leaders (worship and prayer), for more churches to get involved and for worshipers who are so hungry for Him that they’d come for hours seeking His face. Thank Him that we get to be a part of what He is doing in the world today!!!