“If God is for us, who can be against us.” Romans 8:31b (NIV)

When God was in the process of bringing the Israelites out of Egypt many judgments were released against Egypt. But it is so important to note that these judgments were not against His children, but against those who have oppressed them! While Egypt was hit with a series of plagues, the Hebrews were safe in Goshen. But outside of Goshen, the Israelites would have been susceptible to all the plagues that came against Egypt! Then when Israel finally left Egypt, and all its enslavement, their hands were filled with gold and silver from the very ones who had enslaved them. In a sense, the thief paid them back for their years of work they did while enslaved!

Today many believe that we are on the verge of a massive outpouring of judgment. There are so many prophetic words resonating about the coming storm, the great shaking, and the huge wave that is about to crash. This is not against us, God’s kids! Nevertheless, things could get dark, challenging, even dangerous. We need to be alert, prepared and ready to move. The outcome is the cleansing of the land. When God says do not be afraid, this is not a suggestion, it is a command (Joshua 1:9)! Something is coming… a constitutional crisis, a plandemic, an economic crash, a war, etc.… nobody seems to have clarity on what. But something huge is coming and it will end up turning against God’s enemies! And though it is not against us, we have to walk through it. This is our opportunity to shine for Jesus, just as Goshen did for the Egyptians. The call is very strong… come out of Egypt, come out of Babylon, come out of any partnership with the world and/or the devil!

Ask God to prepare you, your family and your church for the storm that is coming, that is already stirring up. Ask Him what it means for you to hide in Goshen. Ask Him if there is any partnership with the devil or this world (Babylon) that you need to come out from! Thank Him for the promise that since He is for you, nothing can be against you!!!