“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV)

The narrative in the Bible is not simply for bed time stories about what God did before, ages ago! We have the Bible to show what God has done in the past, yes, but because He did it in the past, He can do it again!!! A precedent has been set! He is faithful and able. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Consider the three young men thrown into the fire (Daniel 3). They refused to bow to the king’s ‘mandate,’ which made him furious. So, the fire was made hotter than necessary. They were bound tightly in ropes then thrown into the fiery furnace. Those who cast them in were burnt to a crisp, but these boys were not even harmed. In fact, their ropes came off, and they walked around in the fire, with a fourth person who looked like a Son of God. Then when they came out there was not even a hint of smoke on them. God protected them in the fire! He can protect us now!

Consider Daniel who was thrown into the lion’s den (Daniel 6). Other leaders were ‘jealous’ of Daniel, and wanted to catch him breaking the law so as to get rid of him. But since they were unable to entrap him in doing wrong they got a law passed that meant if Daniel prayed to his God, they would have legal cause to arrest him and throw him into the den of lions. Even though Daniel found out about this evil plan, he prayed as usual. This led him to being arrested and thrown into a den of hungry lions. But an angel came into the den and shut their mouths. Once Daniel was lifted out and the perpetrators were caught, those very hungry lions devoured them before they even hit the bottom. God can protect us just like Daniel!

Consider the exodus of Israel. While Egypt experienced 10 judgments, the Hebrews were safe in Goshen (Exodus 8:22). When it came to the last plague of taking out the firstborn sons, the Hebrews had to put the blood of the Passover lamb over on their doorposts. Israel was protected from the death angel because of the blood of a lamb. The blood of the Lamb of God is still available for us, and likewise, we are safe in our Goshen as we abide in Him!

Consider Joseph being sold into slavery by his siblings (Genesis 37) and then going through years of hardship and disappointment. Though evil was intended against him, God ultimately brought Joseph to the second highest seat of the land of Egypt, and used him to save many lives (Genesis 50:20). God can still take what the enemy is doing today and turn it into good outcomes! In fact, that is exactly what He is going to do!

Our enemy is trying to cause food shortages, whether through defiling or destroying farmland, or burning down food plants or causing blockades at sea (i.e. Panama Canal)! They are dispensing toxins in our air, our food, our medicines and our water. Do not accept this report! God is our supplier and He will supply our every need!

They are trying to cause sicknesses, even more deadly ones! Just the mention of Covid being back and people are throwing masks on and churches are already closing down! But don’t believe it! Please stand and trust God!!!

They are trying to cause economic disaster. They want us to move to a digital system where they can control our money. Do not fear what they plan for your wealth, for it will turn on them, just as the lions did to Daniel’s enemies. Trust God, He will provide!

They are trying to weaken our nation through open borders that allow terrorists, gang members, sick and insane people in. Do not allow this to wear you down! God is going to use what the enemy meant for evil for good!

They are trying to silence and lockup anyone who challenges their narrative and plans. They want you to be afraid to question the elections, or the vaccine, or their baseless, useless laws they are passing. Their two-tiered system of justice allows them to get away with murder (literally) but if any of us whisper something they don’t like, to jail we go. Do not accept their narrative! Stand up and resist this tyranny!

They are trying to implement, more vaccines, even though the first ones didn’t work and actually caused more damage than the virus itself. They have a new one coming and everyone is strongly encouraged to get it! Don’t do it!!! Do not comply!!!

Why do they hate us so badly? Because they hate God (John 15:18)! And we are in their way for controlling this nation and the world. They want us to fear them and bow down! They want us to believe they will take care of us, but they are liars and only want to enslave us. God wants us to stand firm against their wickedness, even if it means we have to spend time in the fire. Just remember that as we do, that fourth Man, manifests Himself in, to and through us! The God who stood with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, Daniel and the Israelites, will stand with those who put their faith in Him. He will stand with you if you trust Him and stand in this hour!

Thank the Lord for allowing you to be alive, right where you, in this epic hour in history. Stand in faith and you will see amazing things that your God will do! Ask Him to use you as He did Daniel, and his three friends. Ask Him to display His power, glory and protection over you in the days upon us! Ask Him to show you any place you have bought into the narrative of hopelessness, and replace it now with faith that God is bigger than all these trials and will accomplish His purposes in for our generation! Thank Him for the ‘stories’ He included in the Bible to set a precedent of what He can do today!