“You are of your father the Devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of liars.” John 8:44 (HCSB)

Be praying that the truth would be made known!!!

The devil is a liar, a murderer, a tempter, an accuser, a deceiver and has been doing it a long time. He deceived Eve, tempted Adam, and led Cain to kill Abel. And that was in the very early days of humanity. He has not stopped, nor slowed down. While he speaks lies into our heads, he also gets people to serve him as his instruments. His greatest trophies are governments because they lead nations. When he gets governments doing his bidding things go dark, babies are sacrificed to Baal, the people groan under the weight of the oppressive leadership. And guess what? These leaders lie. In fact, it becomes second nature to them, often for the sake of national security!

Following World War 2 the American government secretly brought scientists from Germany to help us secure our future. The program was called Operation Paperclip. Sounds good, until you find out that most of these scientists actually were an active part of the Third Reich. Many had used their medical and scientific knowledge to torture and murder prisoners of war. They experimented on humans to see how much pain they can tolerate before dying. They would freeze people in effort to discover how to bring them back to life. And they worked these “slaves” to death in their labor camps building the bombs and weapons that they had created! These scientists helped keep America ahead of the rising Soviet threat, and many of them became rich and famous in our nation. And it was all kept hidden via lies and misinformation.

Area 51 is another classic example of lying for the sake of national security. The secrecy around this area births many stories such as UFOs (which has some truth to it). This remote desert location in Nevada has become well known, but still somewhat shrouded in secrecy. But truth has a way to get out. As far as I can tell, this area was started because they needed a place to develop and test U2 spy planes that would fly over the Soviet Union, and you got it, they spied. It also became a test ground for nuclear bombs and fallout research. One time, a nearby farmer lost some of his herd because of radiation poisoning but the government would not pay him, deflecting what actually happened with some other fable. Area 51 is masked by lies and misinformation!

Governments lie, especially wicked ones that are driven by the devil. Currently that is happening in our nation. The media became the mouth piece through a secret CIA operation called Operation Mockingbird, where operatives infiltrated the outlets and began to control what the population was told. No wonder today that when “stories” are being reported upon, most outlets sound the same. They spew narrative not truth. Whether it is Covid, Hunter Biden, Trump, fire or weather, etc., they are spinning the stories to say what they want us to hear. That is why we need discernment!

Not only are we lied to, but the mouth pieces such as Google are now pressing the UN, WHO and other globalist organizations to shut down, that is, completely ban independent media outlets and search engines. They want a worldwide ban as another tool for censorship to keep the people from the truth! They will delete websites that speak out against various topics such big pharma, Covid and vaccines, the World Bank, climate control, true crime statistics, and others. Btw, apparently and sadly, Google has recently bought off Duck Duck Go! Please use Freespoke.

Even what is happening in Maui is being censored, covered up and lied about. We’re talking, big time!!! Private journalists trying to report about what is happening are being threatened and not allowed to say anything. There are videos surfacing of the DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) attacks, and it is absolutely spooky! It has been reported that vaxxed people exploded (sorry I know that is graphic) and smart phones acted like bombs during the DEW attack. Apparently, there are plans underway to create a new smart / 15-minute city, from the rubble, which they already had plans for. Huh? From what I can tell, Josh Green, the democrat governor is claiming the land for this new development. He is even going so far as to kicking survivors out of their homes or units that were not destroyed in the fires. And what about the children (perhaps 1000’s of them) who were supposedly sent home from schools but is there actually proof they made it home, or was it an opportunity to take children into human trafficking? Food, water and other needed items are being prevented by FEMA. They are literally blockading boats from bringing survival supplies, and apparently authorized to “shoot to kill” anyone who tries to break through. Obviously, this is some pretty underground info, but we definitely need discernment as humanity is under attack. This is so very sinister and evil. You cannot trust or believe what you are being told! Remember the devil, the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning is still at work!

PLEASE pray that the truth would be made evident to all, starting with yourself. Ask the Lord, Jesus, the One who is called the Way, the Truth and the Life, to allow you to discern truth and lies. Ask the Holy Spirit, who is called the Spirit of Truth to lead you into all truth. Ask Him to grant you the ability to know the truth that sets you free. Pray for others around you to be open to look at the truth. Pray for your pastor and church to be willing to embrace the truth in an hour that the atmosphere is full of lies, and mis-information. Pray that the truth behind Maui (and many other things) would be seen by the world, and that it could not be covered up or hindered any longer. Cry out that the truth will be known and will set us free!!!