“There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 (NLT)

It is never a good thing when a golden image is presented. Whether it’s the golden calf that “jumped out of the fire” (Exodus 32:24), or when Nebuchadnezzar set up a golden image of himself and required all of his subjects to bow and worship it (Daniel 3:1-6), God was not pleased!

Since Shellie & I don’t watch TV (except most Dawg football games) we didn’t see the CPAC conference last weekend nor President Trump’s speech or when a golden statue of Trump was brought out. This golden Trump was not harmless! This is a HUGE distraction and temptation. I’m not sure if Trump knew about it before it happened, but he definitely needs to respond to it! Trump should utterly renounce this idolatry. 

Men must reject being worshipped. When Nebuchadnezzar received the praise as a god, he soon went crazy and was driven from his office of king of the world to eat grass in a field for seven years (Daniel 4:28-37). When King Herod heard the crowds crying out that his words were not that of man but of a god, he was immediately struck down and died from worms eating their way out of him (Acts 12:21-23). Compare this to when Paul and Barnabas received praise and worshipped as gods for healing. Instead of taking credit for it, they tore their clothes and rejected the worship, which then almost got them killed (Acts 14:11-20).

President Trump is not the savior. He is a man whom God is using. Trump’s assignment is not finished, but he does need to be careful of taking credit that is not his to take! A mere man cannot save us. Nevertheless, God can and does use humans to accomplish His work, but at best we are vessels in His hands. Pray for Trump to walk in humility! Scripture shows us that man is continually wanting to raise up a physical king to replace God. The Israelites did it with Saul. Pray that Trump would be able to resist this. Pray for those around him to bring voices of godly wisdom. Pray that God would protect Trump and prepare him for the next phase of God’s assignment for him. Pray for Melania, specifically that God would heal the wounds she has received from so many different people. Pray that God would show all of us where we have put Trump in any place that he is not meant to be!