So God created man in His own image; He created him in the image of God; He created them male and female.” Genesis 1:27 (HCSB)

Yes, things in our world look pretty gloom! Yes, there is confusion of gender, and such blatant perversion. Yes, there is no sanctity of life. Yes, the world does what they feel is right in their own eyes. But the world is not to blame! The Church stands guilty for not being the salt and light of the world. The world is dead needing the life that comes with knowing Jesus. The world is the system that is opposed to God, does not know God, and without God will only lead to decay and death.

But the Church has been silent, and sadly, continues to be silent. The Church is afraid of offending anyone. The Church needs to stop being so concerned about being friends and well-liked by the world. The Church has not been the salt and light of the world. To a great extent much of the Church looks more like the world than it does Jesus.

So much of the Church stands silent about the LGBTQ+ movement, about gender and overall it stands quiet about abortion. The Church is God’s mouthpiece for His word. Stop compromising the word and let it speak about sin, and freedom from it through repentance. As we step into “PRIDE MONTH” will the Church simply go through it quietly, as if totally accepting the businesses and woke agenda that are flaunting perversion? Silence is passive acceptance! Maybe we should call June a month of purity to counter the what others have as a month of perversion. Many are calling for a boycott to all these “woke” businesses!

Btw, men are men because they are born that way, not simply because today identify as one! Church, the word is clear, God created two genders! No more! Man and woman! That’s it. We are born that way!!! And the only legit marriage under heaven is between a man and a woman. Church, do not be afraid to teach that there is only one type of marriage that God approves, and that there are only two genders, male and female!

Both transgender and transhumanism are an abomination. But they are being pushed upon us as if it is perfectly ok! It is not ok!

Please cry out for God to have mercy on His Church for our silence, for our cowardice, for our compromise! Ask God to grant His church a grace to love people while hating their sin and helping them be delivered from its bondage! Pray for your pastor to be ready for PRIDE MONTH, to not be afraid to speak up and lead your congregation through it. Ask God what you are to do (i.e. boycott), and if there is any place in your where you’re not being salt and light in the world.