“And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.” Acts 13:52 (NIV)

Where the Holy Spirit is there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17). Therefore, what happens where the Holy Spirit is blocked, hindered, resisted and/or rejected? If the Holy Spirit isn’t welcome in your church which ones are taking His place? If the Holy Spirit isn’t free to bring His gifts, what is the source of the gifts being released?

The demonic world quickly fills voids created where the Holy Spirit is rejected. There is a spirit of control that characterizes religion. And religion opposes the Holy Spirit and the freedom He brings. No wonder the devil has so much of the church disbelieving in the Holy Spirit. Think about it, if we were him, we’d want our enemies to be blind and weak. That is exactly what he has done, he has twisted the word to get people to believe that God somehow no longer does what He used to do. This perversion of theology has created a weak, powerless, controlled church that the enemy has freely exploited. But this is all changing!!! The Holy Spirit is coming where He is being welcomed, and He is bringing power, gifts and freedom. Those churches that have denied Him will see and need to make a choice in what they do with it. Many will double down and continue to reject Him. Others will yield and allow Him control of their churches and become gardens of His presence!

Ask God for discernment in this hour, to accurately see what is going on in your church, to see if/where the Holy Spirit is being resisted and hindered. Cry out that every place He is being blocked to be removed and for freedom to fully come into your church. Pray for your pastor to have a grace and boldness to lead with the Holy Spirit rather than in opposition to the Holy Spirit. Pray that your church would become an oasis of the Holy Spirit and a place of life, joy and freedom for all who are a part of it!