“And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David. He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.” Isaiah 22:22 (ESV)

Today is September 22, 2022! It is the ninth month, representing the fullness of a pregnancy. What has been conceived and has been growing in the womb is about to be born! And 22:22 represents kingdom authority and dominion. As we step into a new season in the physical, we are also moving into a new season in the Spirit. In the natural this is harvest season. What has been growing in the hidden place is coming forth. Revelation is accelerating, as well as the fulfilling of many of these prophecies. Miracles and answered prayers are increasing, dramatically. The question is, are we ready for this new season? Have you taken the time to prepare? Has your church spent the time, money and resources to prepare for the harvest? Or are you, your church moving forward as if tomorrow was going to look like today? Are you, your church, making plans for 2023 and beyond based off the same matrix of our current moment?

Our world is about to drastically change! There is no straight path forward. There is a fork in the road right in front of us! We are either stepping into a revival that this world has never seen, that will change how we do life, OR the world is going to hell. If the globalists get their way, if you survive the culling of the billions of people they want to remove from the planet, you will be enslaved and controlled. Nevertheless, the devil is not going to get his way! It is not that time! We are in God’s time! We are in God’s harvest. And it is going to be huge! So, get ready for different. Get ready for change. Get ready for the spiritual climate to shift.

Seek the Lord regarding what you need to do to get yourself ready for harvest, for kingdom advancement, for messiness and increase of God’s tangible presence! Seek Him regarding your house being ready for harvest, and kingdom ministry. Tell Him that all that you are and have are for His glory. Surrender yourself and everything to Him now! Cry out for your church to get ready, so that they will not miss the day of visitation. What we do in this season matters, and we will be held accountable for stewarding what we have been given! Ask God to prepare the citywide church to move into greater unity and cooperation as we bring in the harvest, as we reach the lost and disciple them into leaders and disciple-makers! Btw, watch the Jewish feasts as they are quite significant this year!