He said, ‘Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’” 2 Kings 6:16 (ESV)

I had a dream last night about being in a prayer war room. As we prayed we nullified and minimized the deaths in the Middle East and in any possible terror attacks in the US and elsewhere. It felt so real! Our prayers were exposing and disarming the enemy’s plans, right where they were.

Yesterday I heard that the head of Hamas has called for a day of global jihad on Friday*. It felt like an activation of the sleeper cells all over the world, but specifically in the USA. Our open borders have allowed untold terrorists entry into our nation. This day of jihad is specifically targeting big cities and large crowds. Please be vigilant and alert. Let’s nullify it in prayer!

Ask God for eyes to see what’s going on around you. Pray with diligence and authority, crying out for God to protect the innocent, expose and disarm the wicked, and to mobilize His angelic warriors to battle on behalf of His name and His people! Ask the Lord how to pray and where to pray for. I believe He is going to use His “special prayer forces” over the next few days to nullify what the enemy has planned. Ask Him to expose every person and organization involved, from finances, to planning and sheltering, to providing weapons and transport, and any other resource. Ask God to “freeze” the funds of those who are financing terrorism in any form or fashion. Ask God to release confusion and cause blindness among the enemy ranks. Ask God to use this time to shake what needs to be shook, and to begin the great harvest, specifically in the Middle East among Jews and Muslims! Declare that those who are with us are greater and mightier than those who oppose!

(* for more see… https://ifapray.org/blog/founder-of-hamas-calls-for-global-day-of-rage/)