“Give and it will be given to you!” Luke 6:38

This is a year that God is desiring us to act immediately when He says to do something. If He prompts you to give $1000 today, don’t delay, for the Lord wants to bless your obedience. But your delay allows the enemy space to rob you through getting you to doubt or change your mind. After all, his temptation is “did God really say?”

Being that His sheep hear His voice and obey Him, obey whatever He says. Our delay simply gets us out of alignment with Him. Our disobedience suddenly pushes us out of the protective covering of the shelter of the Most High (Psalm 91). Btw, Most High means there is no one higher!!! You can’t expect blessing or protection when you disobey the Lord, whether as an individual or nation! And God always blesses obedience!

Commit this year to the Lord, that you will be obedient to every word He speaks, to every promoting of His Spirit, to every act He puts on your heart no matter of how foolish it may look to others or how costly it will be to you. Commit to the Lord that you will be extravagantly generous in 2022. Thank Him for all the blessings that are coming your way this year through the fruit of your obedience!