And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.” Luke 19:13 (KJV)

So many people, and I am talking, believers in Jesus Christ, are waiting for Him to come and rescue them. Sadly, they are missing this opportunity. Instead they have given up and are hiding themselves until this is over. But we have a part to play in this hour! We are told to occupy until He returns. To occupy means to engage in (HCSB), or conduct business (ESV). Other translations put it, invest (ISV) and put this money to work (NIV), until I return! There is no, let’s hide, let’s escape, let’s wait this thing out! No, we are commanded to occupy until Jesus returns!

In this hour when everything looks impossible and our nation, our dollar and the world as we know it is about to fall into an abyss and forever be changed, God is saying don’t give up faith, don’t stop praying, don’t stop carrying His presence into this dark world! This is the time when God’s people need to press into Him like never before, sitting and waiting before Him, listening to His voice and obeying as He leads (John 10:27).

Jesus asks us today, “When I return, will I find faith on the earth” (Luke 18:8)? Our response must be a resounding “Yes!”

Repent for any place you have been retreating, hiding and/or seeking Him to rescue you in this hour. Tell Him that you desire for Him to find faith on the earth, starting with you! Ask Him to refresh and renew your faith for this day. Ask Him for boldness, grace and wisdom to know the part you are to play in our city, nation and world! Ask Him to stir up the faith of your pastor, to renew it, restore vision and dreams of revival in our city. Ask God to release a fresh anointing of faith over his preaching, so that your congregation’s faith would arise. Ask God for faith to increase in our city!