He is not here! For He has been resurrected, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay.” Matthew 28:6 (HCSB)

He is risen! That is why we celebrate this day! There are 365 days each year, unless it is a leap year, like 2024, there are 366. Out of all those days we have two that are especially important to Christ followers; one marking Jesus’ birth and the other His resurrection. Without these two events, everything changes. These are important days for us to celebrate, to recognize and to remember. Today is Resurrection Sunday. Hallelujah!

But out of all the days of the year, this illegal government has ignored, even offended those of the Christian faith by making March 31, 2024 “TRANSGENDER DAY OF VISIBILITY!” Yes, this perverted evil government is blatantly out of control and out of touch with our nation. Why did “he” choose this day out of the hundreds of others he could have chosen? It was very intentional! Please remember this (and the many other evil things being forced on us) when/if the elections come up in November.

But even more, will the church be outraged? Or because so many pastors feel that the church should be quiet about political issues or don’t want to offend anyone of a different political party they will remain quiet? Evil only succeeds when good people do nothing! The church cannot remain silent, especially when so blatantly attacked. If we don’t speak up, we will lose our voice altogether.

Please pray that your pastor and church will not remain silent about this and the many other wicked things being spewed upon us in this hour. Pray that your church will not be guilty of the same silent complicity that the German church was guilty of as Hitler rose to power. Ask the Lord, what does He desire you to do about it, after all, He has called us to be light and salt in a dark and decaying world? And, do take time to celebrate, reflect and give thanks that Jesus is alive, ascended and seated in heaven as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He IS coming back for His bride!