No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.” 2 Timothy 2:4 (NIV)

We don’t watch a whole lot of shows. When we do it is usually home improvement type of stuff. Two shows have gripped us recently are about homesteading and building off the grid! As nice as it sounds to be self-sufficient and independent, as believers we are meant to be a part of community and have a commissioning to finish what Jesus started. We don’t have the luxury of going off the grid. The reality is, for us it is really more like AWOL (absent without leave)!

We are at war and if we are not engaging in it, we are either AWOL, a POW (prisoner of war) or asleep. If you are running from God you are AWOL. Your rebellion will ultimately catch up with you! If you are a POW, you have already surrendered to the enemy. You are burdened down with shackles. If you’re asleep you have probably drunken the elixir of the demonic narrative and it has numbed and/or confused you. But God wants to re-enlist you in His army.

If you are AWOL, repent from running from your God given calling and ask Him to restore what you’ve given away. If you’re a POW, ask God to set you free from every demonic shackle and to restore you with a new authority to fight against the very areas you have been imprisoned in. And if you are asleep, cry out for the Holy Spirit to awaken you and to realign you with your place in His army. If you are alive, awake and ready for your assignment simply tell Him you are waiting and listening for Him to speak and lead you! Thank Him for the day we live in is full of opportunities. Ask Him to use you as part of His army in this hour!