“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” Proverbs 14:34 (NIV)

China has 5000 years of history before communism ravished it. The past 100 years in China have shown what communism does in a nation. Communism (socialism, Marxism, etc.) does not bring freedom, but tyranny, oppression, censorship, conformity, loss of individual rights to choose their destiny, and iron fist government control! Those who speak out against the communist party quickly go missing. Communism is absolutely and vehemently opposed to God, and His people.

The US had 400 years of history and we are on the edge of diving into the same abyss. Many people who have fled from communist countries are shocked as we run head long toward this oppressive, God hating, Christian killing system of government! The outcome of this contested election will determine if we succumb to this evil demise! Just look at democrat control cities and states in our nation where this Marxist agenda is being played out. That is what we will get across our nation if we step off this precipice.

Across our nation many churches are closed, some because the government has demanded it, but others because they are too afraid of COVID to reopen. The enemy wants to close the church down, and will do so with every inch that we succumb to the leftist agenda. In so many ways, the church is already being silenced by the government.

Sure, we now know that God ultimately used the communist take-over and persecution of the church to stir up the great awakening that happened in the underground church in China! And today the church is still being fiercely persecuted by the ruling communist party. Is that where we’re heading? Because of our hardened hearts, is that what is required for God to bring about the great awakening we’ve all been praying for, and prophesying about? I don’t believe this is how God desires it to happen, but as long as we as a nation keep our backs turned on God, why should He not allow us to go into the furnace of affliction? Throughout history, nations have come and nations have fallen! Ours is in the balance right now!

Please cry out for mercy over our nation! One huge difference between where we are now and where China was 100 years ago is there are millions upon millions of fired up followers of Jesus fasting, praying and fighting for our nation on their knees. And that matters! Plead with God for a grace from shore to shore to repent and turn back to Him. It is way too close for us to simply spectate from the sidelines. We must engage in this battle! Please pray like never before!And pray for Georgia right now. A recount is happening. Pray that every LEGAL vote would be counted, and every other one would be discarded! What happens in Georgia will impact our nation and ultimately the world!