“‘Go into that village over there,’ He told them. ‘As you enter it, you will see a young donkey tied there that no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here.’” Luke 19:30 (NLT)

Jesus had need for an untamed, never ridden, wild donkey. Some translations say “colt.” Either way, it would not have been used to having someone sitting on it, let alone all the commotion going on around it. This donkey / colt was not broken and would have normally been like a bucking bronco! Undoubtedly, this donkey had palm fronds and clothes being thrown down and waved in front of it! And yet, there is no mention of it panicking or bucking. It had been born for that moment! The wild donkey calmly ushered the Savior of the world into town!

Jesus had a need for this wild donkey (v.31), and He has a need today! He is looking for wild donkeys and untamed colts who will obey Him and allow Him to ride them into our town. He is looking for people who will do what He is doing and obey relentlessly, even if they had never done it “this way” before. Would you be willing to one of them? If you are, tell Jesus you are willing to be His donkey!

As Jesus rode this wild donkey into town, people along the route took off their clothes and laid them before Jesus (v 36). I wonder if it was like what happened when David brought the Ark into Jerusalem, and he stripped down, dancing before the Lord with all his heart (2 Samuel 6:14-15). Nevertheless, I am sure there was a remembering what David did. It says with loud voices the whole crowd joyfully praised God for all they had seen (v. 37).

Then Jesus wept (v. 41)! What a powerful day! His heart was grieved that they had missed their moment and now it would be hidden from their eyes (v .42). He proclaimed how Jerusalem had missed its day of visitation. Earlier that day he had come to “abide” at Zacchaeus’ house (v. 5 – KJV), but Jerusalem had missed their moment

Today Jesus is weeping over a powerless church. A church that has chosen slick programs, flashing lights and fog machines over the Holy Spirit. In so many churches today, the Holy Spirit is not welcome, or He may be invited through a song or a prayer, but the services are not given to Him. There is no place for prophecy, tongues, interpretation, healing, miracles, and/or deliverance in most services, or for doing whatever He wants to do. This is the time for visitation, of revival or awakening, and sadly, like Jerusalem, these churches will miss it because He is coming with power, which just may offend someone! The religious folks had a problem with Jesus’ followers praising Him (v. 9) as Micah did with David dancing so undignified (2 Samuel 6:22). This the time of our visitation. Jesus is looking to abide in our city! Are you making space for Him with your undignified worship and allowing the Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do? Make it a point to not offend the Holy Spirit, and let people see God’s power! It’s the religious who will be offended! Get over your fear of men and let the Holy Spirit come with power!!! Be a wild donkey for Jesus in this hour! Whether you are an individual or a church in our city, let Jesus ride into town on you!

Please be praying into this passage (Luke 19). Ask the Lord to show you anything you need to see, and do. Tell Him you are willing to be His wild donkey. Tell Him He can manifest His power in and through you any way that He desires. Tell Him you are sorry for every place you have hindered Him! Invite the Holy Spirit to stir and awaken in you greater, more passionate worship. May some even call your worship undignified! Pray for your pastor and church to be willing to let the Holy Spirit come in power without controlling Him anymore for fear of possibly offending people, especially this Resurrection Sunday. By the way, it’s the religious folks who get offended, not those who seek Jesus and need His touch. “Seeking people” desire an authentic encounter with the Risen Lord! Pray that this Passion Week would be ground shaking and fire burning in preparation for Jesus’ arrival in Athens!