So, my brothers, earnestly desire to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues.” 1 Corinthians 14:39 (ESV)

Some say they are “open to the Holy Spirit” but what does that really mean? Is it ok for a believer to deny the very work of the third person of the Trinity of God? After all, Jesus Himself built up the importance of the coming Holy Spirit (John 16:5-16). Open to the Holy Spirit is like saying I’m open to the atonement of Jesus’ blood. I am open is like saying I am open to prayer, or to evangelism, or discipleship or mission, etc. I am open to the Holy Spirit is not an option. It’s like saying I am open to drive a car but I won’t get in! It is ridiculous! It is a form of religious control! We don’t get to choose which parts of the Bible to obey.

I’m open means I am the one who is in charge of deciding how much control I give the Holy Spirit. That’s exactly what so many churches do. They may say they are open to the Holy Spirit or even pray come Holy Spirit, but are they willing to yield to Him? Are they willing to let Him lead their services? Btw, that would probably mean their neat, tight, choreographed program would get messed up, and that might upset some people, cause them to leave and lose donors! Sounds like the fear of man operating there!

If you are in a church that says it’s open to the Holy Spirit, please ask yourself, are they really? What are they waiting for? Are they really willing to yield to Him if/when He comes? And if you are at a church that is open to the Holy Spirit, are you supposed to be there? Or are you meant to be in a community that embrace all that God wants to do today, to hear His voice and to move in His power. Please pray about your current community. You are not meant to stay somewhere just because you have friends there, or have been there for a long time. You are supposed to be in a church that seeks and welcomes all of God and does not control what He does!

Ask God to grant you wisdom into the community you are involved in. Ask for discernment to see how much the Holy Spirit is actually welcome at your church. Pray for your pastor to wholeheartedly be gripped with his need for more of God’s presence and more of the Holy Spirit operating in your services. Pray that as revival moves in our city, your church would wholeheartedly jump on board. And if your church is merely open to the Holy Spirit, ask Him if you are meant to stay!