“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.” John 10:11 (ESV)

Jesus is known as the Good Shepherd who knows and cares for His sheep! He even told His disciples that He had sheep from other folds that would ultimately be joined as one flock (John 10:16)! Join me in praying that these sheep would come into His fold!

Sleeping sheep – These are the folks in churches where the word is not preached and the leadership is compromised. They are not hearing the truth, nor are they eating meat, and as such are weak and have fallen asleep. Pray for those sheep in churches across our city to wake up and head toward churches that will feed them life-giving spiritual meals.

Wandering sheep (aka prodigals) – These are those know the truth but have wandered from it. They may have grown up in the church or in Christ loving homes but have been lured away by the world or by the lies propagated to them in the education system. The word is in them, and is just waiting to be activated as the Holy Spirit breathes on the seeds hidden in their hearts. Pray for those you know who are wandering in darkness, away from Jesus.

Lost sheep – These are the people who don’t know Christ yet. Those who are not yet sheep! Many of these have heard about Jesus but up to this point have rejected Him. Though many have never heard the Gospel in a way they can understand, or the veil is keeping them blinded (2 Corinthians 4:4). Pray for the veil to be removed for these sheep and that they’d come running into the light!

Wounded sheep – These are those who have been in churches with wolves or hirelings as their pastors. Sadly, many sheep have been deeply abused by church leadership. Many of these sheep have left the protection of the church and are isolated and are vulnerable. Their wounds from the church have tainted them toward Jesus! Pray that God would pour out a grace upon their wounds and that they’d have courage to trust the church again. Ask God to draw them into a healthy non-abusing church!

Deceived sheep – Though all the above sheep operate in a level of deception, these ones are currently worshiping false gods and serving in alternative religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism and even witchcraft. This veil will be removed and many will come running to the fold! Jesus Himself is appearing to many of these in dreams and visions and setting them free. This freedom bringing revelation will continue, and in fact will increase! Ask God to reveal the true Jesus in our city in every context He is misrepresented. Pray for any that you know personally to come to know Jesus.