There is no deep shadow, no utter darkness, where evildoers can hide.” Job 34:22 (NIV)

This is a pretty heavy post. But truth must be known. Please don’t ignore or deny what is being revealed in this hour! This is a day where we need the truth, and to stand on it, even when it hurts! Truth that sets us free often hurts as it confronts the lies and deception that we have believed! The plans of wicked may be blatant, but God is exposing more and deeper stuff!

The globalists are speaking bluntly and publicly about their plans, that so many people simply think it is fantasy, or conspiracy. It is so horrific than it is almost hard to take it seriously. They are so confident of their plan and its fulfillment coming soon that they are no longer trying to hide what they’re doing!

They blatantly talk about depopulating the earth to 500 million! But many just ignore or deny it saying, no way! This plan involves murdering billions of people. Yes, almost too evil to comprehend! Btw, these are the wealthy elite, the bankers, and governmental leaders who are pushing their tyrannical ways down our thoughts.

They talk of a dark winter and warn of a new virus that is even worse than Covid. They caution everyone to get ready for the absolute need for more shots, more shutdowns, more masks, even when the truth has shown the ineffectiveness of their methods. Remember, they desire to depopulate the planet. And ruin our nation!

They talk about a new currency, a new credit system, which involves their controlling what you can do with your money and where you can travel. Hunger Games, is not such a far-fetched reality!

Nevertheless, great exposures, even shocking reveals are coming that are going to hinder the enemy’s plans. There is an outrage coming when the people finally see it! What we’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg!

What they have been doing with and to children, including torture, sexual exploitation, dismemberment, cannibalism and satanic sacrifice will soon be seen by all! I am not sensationalizing! Sex trafficking is far worse than we have imagined!

Adrenachrome which is taken from the adrenal glands of children being tortured will be seen. Check into this “youth restoring” ingredient that is in many age reducing serums, and more!

HEK293, which is taken from embryos, and is used in many of our popular food products, will be revealed! It will definitely cause us to rethink what we eat, and/or support through purchasing!

The many cute symbols and common icons are used in the pedophilia/child sex trafficking world will absolutely turn your stomach. The panda eyes, the white bunny, spiral circles (and other shapes) mean something much more sinister than their innocent appearance. Look up the police website for known symbols of pedophilia.

I know, you may ask why I keep bringing up these heavy things. We cannot remain silent. We must speak up. Most likely this post will be hindered through the algorithms, but please know, the truth must be revealed. It can no longer remain hidden, ignored or denied! For our children, it will be revealed! Declare that truth will be known in our city, state, nation and world!

Please don’t merely take my word for these things, but research them yourself. There are so many other areas that need to be exposed.

Cry out to God for the church to become outraged by these things, to begin talking and praying about them, to begin calling our representatives and demanding an investigation in our city, yes our city! Ask God to awaken His people to the depth of perversion, defilement, wickedness that is hidden in plain sight. Ask God to open your eyes to see all the evil that you have grown desensitized to, and to protect your heart as He does reveal them to you. Pray for your pastor to see and speak the truth in love without holding back the dark things. Pray for a fresh faith, discernment, wisdom and boldness over your pastor to lead your congregation through this season of the big reveal! Ask God to protect those who are secretly rescuing these children and destroying the hidden places where they have been kept. Thank the LORD your God for placing you here, right now to be a part of what He is doing!