So God created man in His own image; He created him in the image of God; He created them male and female.” Genesis 1:27 (HCSB)

Parents must speak the truth in love to their kids. Two plus two is not six, even when everyone else says it is. Truth is truth, even when the world rejects it (Isaiah 59:15). When you son comes saying he feels like a girl, parents, YOU are not to placate this confusion but to bring correction. Parents YOU must tell your sons they are boys and reinforce it. They get a steady dose counter to the truth. Likewise, parents tell your daughters they are girls and keep reinforcing it. Tell them they are princesses! If YOU play it neutral, if YOU create a gender-neutral environment in their room, YOU are pushing your kids down the slippery slope that the devil has set up for this generation of children. Parents YOU are to be the voice of truth for your kids. Your children were born male or female, not whatever they feel today. Parents, YOU, need to be the primary source of truth. The church is there to help, but sadly, so often it is silent about this. And silent breeds confusion!

The world, not just the LGBTQ community, is pushing gender confusion as acceptable. Christ followers are not of this world. We are not to echo the world’s perverted voice for our children.

Parents, your children are born with a destiny. Their gender is part of who God created them to be. Their identity is key in stepping into their destiny. And their identity was placed within them, even while in the womb (Psalm 139).

Ask the Lord for wisdom and courage in leading your children through slippery slope of the world’s desire for them. Pray for your children to hear the truth, know and embrace the truth and as such walk in the freedom of who they have been created to be! Pray for children you know, to know the truth about who God says they are. Pray for your pastor to lead boldly from the truth and in no way be silent about gender, or allow the support of gender-neutral environments in your church! Pray that the lying narrative being pressed upon the children in schools and across our city would be exposed for what it is and removed from our city! Pray for parents across our city to lead and raise their children according to God’s word!