Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Ephesians 5:11 (ESV)

We need to stop supporting and sowing into the kingdom of darkness! They are right in front of our face, and yet we don’t see them. The word is so clear that we are not to partner with evil. But we have moved into this partnership without even realizing it. For example, Starbucks. Ouch! As I understand it, they will match any funds given by employees to support abortion. And they will fly pregnant employees to states where abortions are allowed to kill the baby! The goddess over their doors is another blatant statement right in front of our eyes! Research it yourself! They have made a statement about not hiring veterans. What?! And they’ve made statements against Israel. And in my opinion, their coffee isn’t even very good! Stop partnering with darkness! Get out of bed with the world and Satan. 

Speaking of that, Disney has just pushed the button to go forward with another foul movie. This one is titled Pauline. This movie that will soon be in the making is about a young girl who has a one night stand. She gets pregnant and discovers the father is Satan. This is another blatant display of the wickedness in our world. It is a satanic romance!? Not too long ago, Disney put out an animated series called “Little Demon,” around the same theme. And Disney continues to groom children into perversion. Btw, Disney doesn’t seem to care how much money they lose. Last year Lightyear lost $130 million trying to promote a same sex relationship in a children’s movie.  

Are you sowing into this industry by paying your month Disney+ fee? Are you still supporting DisneyWorld by visiting their amusement parks? They are a blatantly woke company with perverting our children on their mind. I believe what you invest in matters to God! Likewise, are you sowing into the leftist, godless agenda of Starbucks? Sadly, there are a plethora of other blatant, but hidden right in sight, opportunities to partner with evil! Stop partnering with darkness!

Ask the Lord to show you any place you are partnering and/or sowing into the kingdom of darkness. In the same way, pray for your pastor, that God would reveal any and every place he is partnering with the world. Pray that your pastor and church leadership would take a strong stand about sowing into darkness and lead your congregation through it. Pray that the church across our city would stand for light instead of darkness!