Paul Cooke“What an honor to be able to write this for Steve.  He has been a faithful friend who pursues me as well as prays with and for me.  There are a few things, as a pastor, I am charged with by God and one of those is to be a man of prayer.  Steve is one person who’s given himself to help me be that praying man.  He has a unique way of caring for me, while encouraging me into the presence of the Great Shepherd of my soul.  Steve knows that the greatest way he can care for me is by taking me into the presence of my God.  My intimacy with the Lord and City Church’s dependence on and pursuit of God’s presence is directly tied into my and our friendship with Steve Smith and His constant encouragement in prayer.  God sent Steve to me and City Church that we might be a people of prayer!  Thank you for your faithfulness my friend!  You are an answer to prayer.  We are a changed people to the glory of God because of it!”   Lead Pastor – City Church, Athens, GA