Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16 (ESV)

Though I have been called one, I am not a conspiracy wacko! And, I do not drink the mainstream elixir. Nevertheless, so many of the so-called conspiracy theories have proven to be true! One side uses the term conspiracy theory to deflect the truth they are trying to hide. As I understand it, the term itself was devised by the CIA to deflect the true perpetrators of the JFK assassination. 

If that is true, consider these things that have been labeled conspiracy…

Fake narrative. False flags. Disinformation. Q. 17. Comms. Election fraud. Illegitimate government. Gitmo. Ukraine bio-labs and deep state assets. Russia collusion. Hunter laptop. Doubles. Globalist plan to depopulate the plant and enslave those who survive. Satanism at the highest level of governments.

The only reason a topic is censored or deflected is because something is being hidden. Why can’t we talk about these things without being called conspiracy theorists? It is because they don’t want the truth to be uncovered, and they desire people afraid to even mention these terms! It’s time to shake off the fear of man, the fear of getting canceled, censored, the fear of offending someone, and dig into what is really going on. Truth will set us free, but this truth must get out. The Church must rise up in this hour!!!

Pray for wisdom in knowing what is true, what is mis or disinformation, and what is simply a false narrative. Ask God for the courage to speak up, even if you are called a conspiracy theorist, even if you are cancelled or censored, even if you offend someone. Btw, most people are offended by the truth before it sets them free! Pray for your pastor to be gripped by the fear of God over any fear of man, and subsequently preach everything the Bible says. Pray that he would research these issues and communicate them with your congregation. Pray that deception would fall off the Church in Athens and that the fear of God would be tangible throughout our city.