Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 (ESV)

This seems to be a season where the enemy is blatantly and aggressively trying to break into areas that are off limits and illegal to him. He is pushing his boundaries. And he can’t stay there if we resist him (James 4:7). We’ve had many dreams where he is breaking in (or trying to) through locked doors, closed windows and into what should have been a ‘safe house!’

I had a dream where “wickedness” was trying to tear through our front door. Shellie had to wake me up out of that dream. The rest of that night I had some pretty intense and weird dreams and warfare. Shellie also recently had a dream where the enemy, two dark figures, were literally trying to pick the lock to get inside our house through our front door, while we were watching them! They were able to pick the dead bolts as we observed in disbelief. And as they began coming in, Shellie proclaimed, “We are tithers so therefore the Lord God Almighty rebukes the devourer on our behalf” (Malachi 3:10-12), as she pointed her finger at the main guy. They were filled with terror and ran off in fear, leaving their tools at the door! They are coming, but we need to resist!

We have entered a whole new level of warfare where the enemy is trying to break in, unlawfully. Our adversary is prowling around looking for someone, anyone (especially leaders) to devour! Don’t let him have a foothold, and definitely stand your ground (Ephesians 6:10-20). Stay alert, watchful and aware of this season of increased intensity in warfare.

Normally our adversary is limited to access points such as temptation, sin, trauma, wounds and compromise. He can try through witchcraft, curses, and accusation. As well as through sorcery, voodoo, deception, and false teachers. Nevertheless, there is a new level of aggression, like a wounded desperate animal knowing his time is limited. But understand this, we are at war, and our enemy is does not play by the rules!

Ask the Lord for increased wisdom and discernment in this hour of intensified spiritual warfare. He promises to give these to us if we ask without doubting (James 1:5-8). Ask Him for an increase in the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit) to work in you! Make sure all your “doors and windows” to your heart are closed, locked and guarded (Psalm 24:3-6, 139:23-24)! And when you sense any sort of increased attack, be bold in rebuking it and saying no. Use the word of God and the name of Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus availeth much and overcomes the adversary, as does your testimony (Revelation 12:11). Jesus has given you authority to trample over all the enemy (Luke 10:19). Pray for your pastor as the attack has undoubtedly increased in his life as well. Pray for the watchmen at your church to be alert to what the enemy is doing, and resist his every attempt!