Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice…” 1 Samuel 15:22 (ESV)

Awhile back we were planning for a big worship event. Then suddenly one of the “pegs” fell out and as leader I just picked it up and kept going. That led to five days and nights of heaviness, warfare, stress and attack. Normally there is great favor when I do these events, but this time it felt like I was trudging through a field of thick mud. I was awakened on the fifth night with a dream at 1am, and subsequently, five hours later I went back to sleep! God showed me that I had inadvertently picked up something that He hadn’t asked me to pick up. That morning we canceled the event and the heaviness immediately lifted. How easy it is to pick up a yoke that is not ours to carry. In doing so, I had stepped outside of the Spirit flow and opened myself up for attack, anxiety and angst!

I believe we are stepping into a season where we must stay in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5:25)! Any and every place where we “do it in the flesh” we are opening ourselves up for all sorts of mischief. The battle we fight is intense, and veil between spiritual and physical is growing very VERY thin. The enemy is getting blatant and desperate because he knows our victory is coming. He wants to wear us down and burn us out by picking up “pegs” that God has not told us to pick up. Our disobedience makes us open season for the enemy. Declare, here and now, you will obey and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, no matter where or what that means!!!

Ask God to show you any “pegs” that you are carrying that He has not asked you to. Then repent, not just confess it, but do whatever it takes to lay it down. Pray for your pastor, that any and every “peg” that he is carrying that is not his to carry, would be exposed and taken from him. If there are things that need to be done, but not by him, Ask God to would provide those who could/would take these “pegs” from him. Pray that your pastor would be able to focus on what God has called and appointed him to do. Pray that across our city, His pastors, leaders and followers, would be set free from the “pegs” they carry and realigned with the part they are called to play in this hour!