“A washed pig returns to the mud.” 2 Peter 2:22b (NLT)

In his book, According to Plan,  Kevin Freeman refers to George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, of what happens when socialism is implemented in a society. And it is not a good thing! The few elite ‘pigs’ rule the rest who become slaves and live in poverty. There is a promise of utopia, but it’s all lies. The pigs live a posh life, by a different set of rules, while the rest work to serve them. Btw, this book is banned in socialist countries. Surprised it hasn’t been censored here! Somehow, those who have been elected to serve “we the people” have become these pigs! The reality is, they have been ‘pigs’ all along. What we are seeing right now is not an accident, but a well worked long term plan. They live by different rules, above the law so to speak. They steal from the public, that’s us, and get richer by the day, while our nation gets weaker and poorer by the hour!

Many public servants are some of the most privileged people in our nation. And they actually believe they deserve it! For example, Obama came into office with around $1.3 million, but today it is estimated over $135 million. Pelosi who earns a decent government salary, nevertheless has a wealth estimated at more than $200 million, much has come through illegal insider trading. So much for serving the people!

The reality is, like pigs, these wicked leaders don’t fly, nor do they live in a different universe. Their plan is exposed, and strangely, they don’t even care. They have been living in a make-believe world for so long that they actually believe their own narrative. We were told of this day, when the deceivers will be deceived (2 Timothy 3:13). Peter talked about how pigs just can’t help themselves from returning to the mud hole (2 Peter 2:22). Likewise, these two-legged pigs, can’t help themselves as they brag about their exploits, fraud and criminal activity. It is amazing the slips of tongue that are happening on a daily basis. A pig can’t help but be a pig! A wicked person cannot hide the wickedness of his heart. Jeremiah reminded us of how wicked and deceitful the heart of man really is, and how they will be rewarded according to what their deeds deserve (Jeremiah 17:9-10)!

Please pray that more and more of the truth will be revealed! Cry out for God to expose the two-tiered system of justice in our nation. Ask Him to expose and bring down those who believe they are above the law. Pray that the true theft that is happening in our nation right now would be totally exposed, stopped, with the thieves caught and that the wealth of the wicked would be transferred to the righteous, even seven-fold (Proverbs 6:31, 13:22b). Pray that the farm would be returned to “we the people!”