A recent poll has shown that 55% of the very conservative Georgia voters won’t vote in the runoff election because they feel it is rigged like the November 3 election was! In other words they are staying home, shut up and silent, and just letting the enemy have his way! And by the way, the liberals are not staying home, but coming out to vote in mass! If both Republican candidates (Purdue and Loeffler) lose, the Senate will flip to the Democrats, leaving them in charge of both chambers of congress, and as we all know, the battle for the White House is not over.

Every vote matters. Please pray that people in Georgia won’t simply give in and stay home from voting. Whether it’s rigged or not, it won’t matter it we don’t vote. The enemy would love for us to give up, but we can’t. Pray for people you know specifically who may not be voting. Be willing to encourage them to do so. Pray there would be a historic amount of voters out on January 5. Please feel free to go to the polling (voting) locations near you and pray outside of them. Ask for angelic protection of each station and for integrity of each vote. Pray that the truth about each candidate would be clearly made known, with nothing hidden! Be encouraged, God is not done, nor is He late!!!