Revive us again, O God! I know You will! Give us a fresh start! Then all Your people will taste Your joy and gladness.” Psalm 85:6 (TPT)

You may not know this but I grew up in Southern California and spent many years in Australia, much of that on the coast. As such I became an avid and quite competent surfer. Yes, and now though I am quite a distance from any good surf, my surfboard hangs in our prayer room as a reminder. Sometimes I do miss the exhilaration of walking on water and cutting up waves, but what this reminds me of is the wave of revival that is coming! This wave is much more important and exhilarating!

Over the years as a surfer I learned it takes more than simply paddling out into the surf to catch a wave. Sure, you can jump onto the white water anywhere the wave has broken, but to ride the face of a wave and to do any sort of cutting up and down it requires one to be in the right position as it crests. After a while I gained a sense of where the waves were going to break and to get into position in time for the ride.

Today there is so much stirring in the waters. We can all sense a huge wave of revival is coming and is already starting to break in various parts of our nation. This wave is going to impact the nations. But you can’t simply wait till it breaks and expect to experience all God wants you to. This is the time to position yourself for the wave that is coming. This is the time to press into God, to empty your pockets of excess weights and baggage (sin and non-essentials), to ask Him to do whatever He needs to do to position you where you need to be. This is the time to stretch your spiritual muscles and learn to spend more time simply in His presence! This is the time to consecrate yourself, to set yourself apart completely unto Him.

Take time and seek the Lord about this. Ask Him if there are any weights or excess baggage in your heart. Ask Him who you are to partner with in this season, who are going to be your “surf” buddies (btw, there is a big difference between a casual and intense surfer). You want to partner with wholehearted passionate people. Ask God to awaken the “surfers” in your congregation, those who truly want revival and Him and are willing to sacrifice to do whatever it takes. Ask Him to give you eyes to see where He is stirring the waters and preparing to move right here, and the faith to get in position.