Today is the Day of Rage, called on by a leader of Hamas. This is a credible threat! He is calling jihadist to rise up and shed blood across the globe, today, Friday October 13. We need to pray, diligently, fervently and alertly! Our prayers matter!

Pray for the Jewish students at UGA (and/or wherever you are).

Pray that every terrorist would be exposed and disarmed before they are able to move forward with their plans. Cry out for absolute confusion among the enemy ranks today!

Pray for increased angelic activity over our city and other urban places where crowds may be gathered today!

Pray that God would use what the enemy means for evil to advance His kingdom, to release revival and begin the great harvest.

Pray that specifically Muslims and Jews would have a revelation of who Jesus Christ really is, and turn to Him by the millions!

Plead the blood of Jesus over our city, declaring that every plan of the enemy is nullified and void, and that death and destruction will pass by with no harm here!

Declare that instead of rage, today would be the day of salvation, that instead of principalities dictating the outcome, the Prince of Peace would enter in, that instead of shouts of fear that praise and frequencies of heaven would be released over and throughout cities!

Thank the Lord for His peace and protection over your life, your family, and your city today. Declare that you and all of God’s people are hidden under the shadow of the Almighty. Read out and declare Psalm 91.