In all history there has never been such a time of terror. It will be a time of trouble for My people Israel. Yet in the end they will be saved!” Jeremiah 30:7 (NLT)

The enemy is on a rampage! He comes to kill steal and destroy individuals, as well as nations. This is a time where the Body of Christ must stand and pray for the Middle East. Here are a few points, some launch pad ways to pray…

• Pray for protection for Israel and all who are in the Middle East. Cry out for divine protection, that God would shield the innocent, and stealth His people. Cry out for a dome of protection over the people!

• Pray for divine intervention and supernatural breakthroughs! Cry out for the angelic host to push back the darkness, and expose every terrorist cell, and nullify every evil plan!

• Pray for the leaders of Israel to have divine wisdom in this time of war. Specifically pray for Benjamin Netanyahu. 

• Pray for unity and strength. Where the enemy comes to divide and conquer, cry out for God to unite, even what man says can’t be united!

• Pray for lasting peace and reconciliation over the region. Cry out for true peace! Ask God to heal millennium old wounds of the heart, and remove generational bitterness and hatred! 

• Pray for the hearts and minds for those who are hardened against Israel. Ask God to remove the demonic veil that blinds those who hate Israel.

• Pray for salvation and revival in the Middle East. Pray that everything the enemy releases for evil, God would pour out for good, for salvation, for life, for blessing!

• Pray for restoration and healing in the aftermath of this war. As this war comes to an end, cry out for God to heal the emotional and physical wounds of all who have been hurt, who have lost someone, who have been injured, or have lost property. Cry out for towns and villages will be rebuilt better than they were before this conflict. 

• Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Middle East. Cry out for visions, dreams and miracles to be released upon those in the middle of this conflict! Pray for radical conversions of even leaders of Hamas, Mossad, Iran, Syria and Israel.

• Declare that light, life, love and peace wins over, darkness, death, hatred and fear!

• Pray that this war would not escalate, that other nations such as China, Russia, Iran, etc., would not join, in fact would be hindered from assisting in any further ways!

• Ask the Lord to show you how to stay in a place of constant, diligent prayer, in this hour!!!