“Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness.” Ephesians 6:14 (NLT)

I recently had a dream where I knew I was to pray for the remnant. So many wholehearted followers of Christ are feeling tired and worn out (Daniel 7:25) as they walk with the Lord in this hour. Yet, “there is a remnant chosen by grace,” for such a time as this (Romans 11:5)!

As I prayed into the dream I saw an essential component that is absolutely necessary in this season of blatant onslaught from the enemy is discernment. The enemy is a liar, and he wears us down with a constant flow of misinformation, deception and outright lies. We must know the truth and stand on it. I endeavor to personally ask God to gird me in truth and grant me His discernment every day! I ask Him to show me any place where deception is operating in and around me. Here are three levels of discernment that I ask for, that I encourage you to ask God to increase in your life, as well in your pastor’s life.

The first level is the earthly realm. Ask God to grant you discernment in regards to what you see with your natural eyes. Ask Him for grace to distinguish the hearts of the men and women around. Ask Him to show you those who are really with and for you, as well as those who have come with a more nefarious purpose. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and witches coming into churches, and ministries for the purpose to distract and destroy. Ask God for the increased ability to discern on the earthly plane!

The second level is the spiritual realm around you. Ask God to open your eyes to see what angels and demons are doing. Ask Him to show you the fiery heavenly angels around you as He did for Gehazi, Elisha servant. May you see that those who are with you are truly greater than those against you (2 Kings 6:16). Acknowledge that God has commanded His angels concerning you (Psalm 91:11). Thank Him for the increase of discernment into the spiritual realm!

The third level is the heavenly realm. Ask God to open your eyes to see Him on the throne (Revelation 4), and to see what He is doing (John 5:17). Tell Him that like Jesus, you only want to do what He is doing (Psalm 127:1, John 5:19). Tell Him you want to gaze upon His glory, His beauty, and to see Him as a myriad of angels surround Him in heavenly worship! Tell Him you want to see Jesus in His glory, the glory He had before the foundation of the earth (John 17:5&24)

Yes, ask all this for your pastor, church leadership and congregation! May the enemy lose his grip of being able to wear you out because you have discernment to see what he is doing, and how to join God in the battle. May the Lord grant you a greater level of discernment and endurance in this hour!!!