You also must help us by prayer, 

so that many will give thanks on our behalf
for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.
2 Corinthians 1:11 (ESV)

Weary, overwhelmed, underpaid, over expected, depressed, dry, struggling with God… Not typically what most people think their pastor is feeling.

I have the opportunity to regularly pray with pastors both here in Athens and across the nation. Here’s a snapshot of a few of them. One wakes up each day knowing that he cannot possibly complete everything he needs to do. And everyday it just compounds upon him. Another pastor is struggling with faith issues wondering why God has not answered his fervent prayer of almost two decades. It is not an unrealistic request, but it is definitely a moment of crisis of faith. Still another pastor is weary from an intense year where several close friends were taken home to Jesus in untimely deaths. In the midst of this he has many other expectations that can’t wait. And another pastor presses on leading his growing vibrant church all the while his own wife’s faith and love for Jesus isn’t where his is. In the midst of deep things happening in his congregation, one pastor watches as giving each month is very short and they will soon hit absolute zero bottom.

Check out these stats about pastors in the USA…

  • 97% of pastors have been betrayed, falsely accused or hurt by trusted friends
  • 70% of pastors battle depression
  • 7,000 churches close down each year
  • 1,500 pastors quit each month
  • 80% of pastors feel discouraged
  • 94% of pastor’s families feel the pressure of ministry
  • 78% of pastors have no close friends
  • 90% of pastors report working 55-75 hours per week

Very few pastors have personal prayer partners, or a prayer shield around them of any sort. Yet pastors are supposed to lead their churches to vibrant faith and victory!

This is why I do what I do. I realize that this is a unique ministry that few do. But I know God has brought us to Athens Georgia for such a time and purpose as this. We know that our ministry of prayer and encouragement to pastors goes a long way and impacts many. So can yours!

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us financially. Your partnership is making a huge difference in the lives of many people. I have the privilege of ministering to pastors from various sized congregations, from small to mega. I know each of these pastors appreciate your partnership. And by the way, please don’t forget to pray for your own pastor!