“Couldn’t you watch with Me even one hour?” Matthew 26:40b (NLT)

Some translations use the term “tarry,” which means to be vigilant, to linger in expectation, to wait in place, to abide. And this is the time to tarry! If you’re not praying more, and more intensely right now, please do! This is a critical, crucial, a vital time, like at childbirth. We’ve come this far, we cannot stop pushing. This is not the time to take a break! Now is the time to travail, to intercede like never before.

Ask God for the grace to pray, to stay in prayer, to pray intensely, to pray in the Spirit, to tarry and to pray bold and audaciously. Ask God to release a greater faith to pray right now until the answer comes; pray this for yourself and all those who have been awakened, the remnant! Pray for our President to hear God’s voice, to have wisdom and courage to respond to it, and to have faith to believe that God has prepared him for such a time as this! Ask God to release a fear of the Lord over those around him, and to expose those who are not really for and/or with him! And ask God to stir this prayer across our nation, yes, even to the nations. Thank Him for alerting us to pray and for what He is about to birth because of it!!!