“How long, O LORD?” Psalm 13:1a (NIV)

People are asking, ‘How long, Lord?’ The reality is, we are not the first to ask that question. David cried out that same prayer. There is a prayer weariness over so many people right now! But we must keep praying until God accomplishes His purpose! God does not operate by our timetable. If fact, He is usually “late” according to our watches.  Isaiah prophesied that we were to cry out until God established Jerusalem and made her the praise of the earth (62:7). That isn’t complete yet! Jesus said we were to always pray and not give up (Luke 18:1). This definitely speaks into our context right now. God moved our family to Georgia in January 2010, and we have joined many others whom God has called to Athens to pray for revival. It truly feels like the eleventh hour. So even though you may be weary of praying for our nation, wayward child or revival, and perhaps you are disappointed it is taking so long, please don’t stop. Keep praying until!!!