I realize this comes with very little notice and is quite spontaneous, but in light of the seriousness and overtness of evil this Halloween, and the subsequent real possibilities of terrorist attacks on US soil, we are calling for a two day FAST & PRAY from October 31 through November 1.

We are asking praying people…

1/ to sign up for at least one ONE-HOUR slot during that time,
2/ to fast as the Lord leads during the whole 48 hours AND
3/ to pray regarding Halloween and the potential terrorist attacks.

This is a decentralized prayer vigil, meaning, those who sign up can pray from wherever they are during their time slot! Once all the slots are covered (signed up for) we will open them for others to sign up as well, meaning we are hoping to have multiples of people for each slot.

Feel free to cover your slot/s individually, or with prayer partners, or as a family or with a small group, or even as a corporate prayer gathering with your church. We’ll provide some prayer points before we begin.

To sign up go to https://www.slottr.com/sheets/18279992

Bless you. Please stay vigilant and alert!!!

BTW, please forgive me for the confusing buttons that are included in the ads within the slottr app. Close the ads that get in the way, and/or do not hit the CONTINUE buttons, nor give any credit cards details. To sign up simply click where it says “slot me in.” All we ask is for your name, email, cell number and church name. Again, my apology for the confusion!