Prayer force for the elections!

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16 (ESV)

I realize that many have already cast their ballot through early voting, but still many more will go to the poll stations tomorrow, and all the votes still need to be tallied! Please stand alert and pray fervently throughout the next few days until the smoke clears and the God results are made known! Our hope is not in these midterms, our hope is in the Lord God Almighty. Nevertheless, these midterms matter! Don’t be discouraged by what the enemy will try to do, Trust God, declare that our nation belongs to Him, and His purposes are not yet finished!!! The Church is awakening! Many are praying!!!

Here are a few ways to be joining in the prayer force. There is some overlap, and please do not feel you must pray for every item. Ask the Lord how you are to stand in the gap this week, and pray as the Holy Spirit leads you!

Please pray….

  • For election integrity at every level
  • Exposure and removal of illegally obtained seats
  • For candidates who support abortion/gender confusion to be exposed and removed and candidates that support Godly values to be given their seats
  • Expose, uncover and remove every place where dominion or other compromised equipment is being used
  • Expose every place of interference with the election, in any way
  • That every vote would be counted, just as they were meant to be. Every early vote as well as every vote on Election Day to be tallied properly.
  • Expose every trace of Witchcraft – fear, deception, intimidation
  • For protection and integrity of all poll workers and observers
  • For boldness among the many whistle blowers that will step up and for clear video evidence of every place of illegal activity around the voting.
  • For the Church to vote biblically, in a way that honors and pleases God!
  • That the enemy would walk right into the trap and be caught red handed
  • For voter turnout – that the Church would overwhelm the polls! Call out those believers who have not voted yet
  • That people would change the way they went to vote to biblical, Godly values. That people would get to the polling stations and the fear of God fall upon them!
  • For God’s will, God’s ways, and God’s purpose to be fulfilled, for perfect alignment between heaven and earth (Matthew 6:9-10)
  • For angelic warriors and host of heaven to invade and protect the entire election process, exposing, blocking and removing darkness and demonic interference
  • For confusion among evil doers, the exposure of the puppeteers, the illegal financiers, and everyone trying to influence these elections from a hidden place
  • For mules to be exposed and arrested for illegally stuffing ballot boxes
  • For every rightfully elected person to be able to take their seat
  • For a smooth transition of offices in House and Senate. Ask God to remove every place the enemy would try to undermine, delay or change the outcome through counterattacks, smoke screens and delusions.
  • For righteous judges to make strong biblical verdicts for this election as things get contested in court
  • Cry out for God to restore what has been stolen – catch a thief and he must repay 7-fold (Proverbs 6:31)
  • Ask God to turn any place where fear is operating in to faith and choosing to trust God instead of men (or the election outcome) – while some men trust in chariots we declare we trust in the LORD (Psalm 20:7). Repent if necessary!
  • Cry out for God to move upon our nation and declare that she WILL fulfill its purpose and destiny of being a light set on a hill for all other nations
  • Make other declarations of God’s rule and reign, of His sovereignty, of every knee on earth and below bowing to Jesus, of Jesus absolute defeat over the devil through the cross, of this nation being called and ordained by God, of His laughter over those who conspire against Him, that not one ‘dot or tittle’ of His plan will fail to be fulfilled…

Thank you! Your prayers are powerful and accomplishes much!!!