The whole purpose of the Pray for Gaines gathering is to stir prayer for Luther McDaniel, his staff, the school and the community connected to it. This gathering is not just about a lot of people coming together for an hour in August, but a kick off for prayer to continue through the year. Please feel free to print this up and use it well beyond this Saturday. And thank you for praying. Your prayers do make a difference, a tangible difference. Don’t let the critics fool you. King David once wrote, “You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God our Savior” (Psalm 65:5a – NLT). Let ask boldly for God to do awesome at Gaines Elementary School!

1. Pray for the physical and emotional safety of our children, teachers, and staff.
2. Pray that our children are able to learn and to close gaps that might exist in their foundational skills.
3. Pray that our children would develop confidence and competence.
4. Pray our children would be healed from trauma in their lives.
5. Pray for families to be engaged in the learning experiences of their children and for them to partner with Gaines Elementary in the pursuit of educational excellence.
6. Pray that the adults responsible for the care and education of children would fully commit themselves to this awesome responsibility.
7. Pray that children and adults would develop empathy and that it would be reflected in all of their interpersonal relationships on campus. Pray that God’s grace would abound throughout our school campus.
8. Pray that God’s favor would be experienced by the entire Gaines Elementary School community.
9. Pray that the entire Athens-Clarke County Community would support Gaines Elementary School through prayer, encouragement, and donations.
10. Pray for the salvation of the children at Gaines, their families and ultimately the community.
11. Pray for God’s presence and revival here. Invite the Holy Spirit to permeate throughout the campus!