“‘The time promised by God has come at last!’ he announced. 
‘The Kingdom of God is near!
Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!’”

Mark 1:15 (NLT)

The Kingdom of God is here but is not yet! Sound confusing? We are sensing revival, but not like anything we’ve ever experienced before. It’s here, but not yet! God is definitely moving, stirring, awakening and preparing. As we pray this month, please press in with great intensity. This is like the travailing before birth. The baby is coming, and what currently is, won’t be for much longer. The birth process is simply a transition from one phase to another. From the hidden place to the visible world! We will soon see, touch and experience the Kingdom of God like never before! This requires persevering believing prayer, because it is not necessarily what our eyes are seeing right now. Please keep pressing in and don’t give up!
Here are some ways you can press in and pray with and for others this month….
Pastors “Contending for Revival” Prayer Gathering
Thursdays, April 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 / 10:30 to 11:30am
The Light – 174 Henderson Ext, Athens 30605
Senior Pastors from around Athens are invited to join in a weekly prayer time as we contend for revival in our city, state and nation. The last Thursday of the month (April 29) is open for all pastors and key leadership in churches to join us as well. Please be praying for your pastor to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit and a passion to see revival released right here in our city!
Campus Ministry Directors Prayer
Thursdays April 1 & 15 / 3 to 4:30pm
Wesley Chapel (loft)

Every other Thursday, those who lead Campus / College Ministries come together to pray for each other and for reaching and discipling the thousands of college students in Athens. College students are so hungry for connecting and for truth. Ask God to release a powerful move of the Holy Spirit on every college campus and upon every college aged person in our city.
Worship Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, April 7 / 9:30 to 10:30am
Wesley Foundation – 1196 S Lumpkin St, Athens, GA 30605

Worship Pastors from around Athens meet up to pray together on the first Wednesday of the month. Please pray as those who lead worship ministries in Athens. Please ask God to increase the depth and anointing of worship in every church in our city. Ask God to take us deeper into His presence. Ask Him for an open heaven over every location where worship is regularly happening in our city.

Student Pastors Prayer
Thursday, April 8 / 9 to 10am
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Drive, Athens 30606

Each month Student Pastors from around Athens meet up to pray together. Please join us from wherever you are and pray that God would stir a great spiritual hunger in the students across our city! Ask God to pour out grace, wisdom and creativity upon all those who minister to the young people of our city, starting with the ones at your church. Pray that God would protect each of these Students Pastors, their families, their teams (whether staff or volunteers). Please pray that every student in our city would be drawn to God in this unprecedented moment in history and that they would become the catalyst for revival on their campuses, in our city and beyond. Continue to ask God to protect, nourish and grow every seed that was planted at The Mix!
Athens Prayer Walk
Saturday, April 10 / 10am to noon
The Arch – Corner of College Avenue and East Broad Street

Each month we converge at The Arch to wander around and cry out to God for a powerful movement here at UGA and in our city. On the ground, in person prayer really does matter! We are pressing into God for revival, even reformation, on this campus, across our city and beyond! These prayer walks are always unique and quite a huge blessing to those who come! Please join us if you’re able!

Athens Intercessors Community
Monday, April 12 / 7 to 9pm
APN Prayer Center
Each month intercessors from around Athens to come together, in person, to hear what God has been saying to each of us, and get a sense of where we are heading as we press into this new era. We will be praying into the Altar of Fire! If you’re one of the intercessors, please join us!
Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, April 14 / 9 to 10am
Christian Life Worship Center – 125 Kathwood Drive, Athens, GA 30607

Each month Senior pastors from around our city come together to pray for and with each other! Use this as an opportunity to join us in praying for the pastors in our city, starting with your own! Pray that God would give them supernatural stamina, divine insights and wisdom from above, along with extraordinary creativity and Holy Spirit boldness, as they lead their congregations through this long challenging, unprecedented, and hostile season.  Ask God to prepare them for revival and reformation. Ask God to empower them to lead well, and for each church to be an instrument of life and help to the Athens community in such a time as this. Pray that God would protect, even expand the kingdom unity among pastors in our city in 2021. In the midst of the tremendous weight that is currently on them, ask God to abundantly bless, extravagantly refresh, greatly encourage, divinely protect and supernaturally provide for your pastor, their marriage and their family. Ask God to meet each of these lead shepherds in Athens right where they are, and give them all that it takes to stay intimately connected to God and run strongly throughout this battle and season of transition. Plead with God for the authority of His word to increase in each pulpit and for each pastor to know an increase in anointing in their preaching! And cry out for God to use our pastors as a powerful Godly voice in our city and beyond, that they would not be silenced, fearful or hidden!

Executive Pastors Prayer
Thursday, April 15 / 9 to 10am
Living Hope – 2150 Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605

Each month those who “run” churches in Athens come together to share and pray with and for each other. Pray for these hidden heroes who make huge decisions in a climate they have never been before. God has been and continues to prepare them for the new season upon us! Please pray for the executive / administrative pastor (or those who do that role) in your church and the others who carry this load in the churches across our city. They need wisdom, creativity, boldness and faith. This is a very important ministry at such a crucial time as this! Pray that God would give them supernatural joy and grace as they keep the systems operating and create new ones for Kingdom growth in Athens. Pray that God would increase His presence and favor on their lives and homes. Pray that God would give them what they need as the Church emerges in this new era.

Altar of Fire
Thursday, April 15, 2021 / 7 to 9pm
Phoenix Community – 660 W. Broad St., Athens
In April we will be continuing our monthly, citywide gathering for intercessors and worshippers. This gathering is definitely not for the light-hearted, but for those who want to jump into the fire of God, with a wholehearted surrender to Jesus. This is an amazing time of worship, high praise, prayer and surrender. If you’re interested in giving it all to Jesus in a corporate setting with others who are desperate for God, this is for you!!! Please mark your calendar and plan to join us.

Groups Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, April 21 / 9:30 to 10:30am
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Drive, Athens 30606

Each month those who lead Groups Ministries come together to share and pray with and for each other. Join us in praying for those who lead Groups Ministries across Athens. People are desperate for authentic community and groups provide it! There are virtual groups, in person groups and hybrid groups, operating in our city. Groups are going to play an increasingly important role in discipling our city! Pray that God would continue to lead the Groups Pastors in our city to create even more new and effective ways to stay connected and to connect new people. Pray that God would grant them wisdom and creativity. Pray for the groups’ leaders to lead their groups well in these new formats. Pray that God would raise up more group leaders for this new era. Ask God to gently remove those who should not be leading groups any more. Ask God to protect and expand this vital ministry in our city. And ask Him for heaven to come down upon every group that meets in Jesus’ powerful Name in Athens!

Prayer for Middle East & Israel
Friday, April 30 / 12 to 1pm
Living Hope (House of Prayer) – 2150 Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605

This is a great opportunity to stand together in prayer for Israel and the Middle East. If you’re able, please join us in person, or simply take some time to focus intercession for this important part of the earth.


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Kingdom come, today…