Devote yourselves to prayer…” 
Colossians 4:2 (NLT)

One of the daily prayer texts this week featured this verse. The prayer focus was to ask God to stir up united devoted fervent prayer across our city. Historically, God has always called His people to prayer before He moved big time. And that is what He is doing right now in Athens and beyond! It’s time to re-engage, to fire up the prayer missiles and get ready for God to do amazing things in our city! Are you ready to jump into the white-water rapids of the Spirit this Fall?

Here are some opportunities to press into God with others this month and pray some big prayers. Our God is more awesome than we can imagine! We cannot out ask Him, especially as we join with prayer partners! May God fill you with audacity to ask for huge and impossible things for others and for our city!!!

Student Pastors Prayer
Thursday, August 2 / 9 to 10am
Tuckston UMC – 4175 Lexington Road, Athens 30605

Each month (first Thursday) the Student Pastors from around Athens meet up to connect and pray together. Please continue to join us as we pray for God to move powerfully on all the Middle School and High School campuses in Athens this Fall. Pray that each Student Ministry would be effective and fruitful. Pray for students to be drawn in, for leaders to rise up, and for revival to happen in each church’s student ministry, that will release an awakening on all the campuses across our city!

End of Summer Prayer Vigil
Friday, August 3 / 8pm to 8pm
Wesley Prayer Chapel – 1196 South Lumpkin, Athens 30605

We will be praying for all the students going back to school (from elementary through college) at this strategic and important prayer vigil. Teams from churches and ministries have signed up for ONE HOUR slots and will come facilitate their hour. You are welcome to come pray for your kids at any time during the 24 hours, even if your church/ministry isn’t leading that specific slot! Please don’t miss this important opportunity to pray for your kids and the kids from your church as they re-enter their schools. This is going to be awesome and have a huge impact on our city! These prayers will rock the campuses across our city!!!

Campus Ministries Leaders Prayer Gathering
Tuesday, August 7 / 9 to 11am
Christ Community Church – 890 Boulevard, Athens 30601

This is a beautiful opportunity for all the various campus ministries leadership teams to come together to connect and pray before classes start up at UGA (on Monday August 13). These times of unified prayer are always amazing as we recognize that each ministry is part of the body of Christ on the campus and that we are working together to reach and minister to students on the campus!!! Together we cry out for revival on our campus! Please join us in crying out for God to do amazing on the college campuses in Athens this Fall!

Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, August 8 / 9 to 10am
New Covenant Worship Center – 1425 Newton Bridge Rd, Athens, GA 30607

Every month Senior Pastors from around Athens come together to encourage one another and pray for and with each other. This has become a safe place for these pastors to connect, share deeply and pray with others who are in the same role. Senior Pastors carry a tremendous responsibility and play a very important role in our city. God has given us an amazing and unique grace for unity in Athens, especially among pastors. Please pray for your pastor, and most importantly, that God would grant him a passionate faith and courage to lead boldly.

Campus-wide Worship Night
Thursday, August 9 / 7 to 8:30pm
UGA Chapel on North Campus

Everyone is welcome to the night of united worship hosted by Grace Athens. Worship will be led by Shelby from Grace Athens, Andrew from Classic City, Blake & Kerri from Wesley and Bobby from Tuckston UMC. It’s going to be an exciting time of campus wide worship as we prepare to dive into class on Monday!

Prayer Walking at UGA
Saturday, August 11 / 10am to just before noon
UGA Arch – Corner of Broad Street and College Ave

Rain or shine, hot or hotter, we will hit the ground praying huge prayers. These times are always amazing and quite unique!!! This prayer walk is especially timely, as we will be able to walk the paths and halls that will soon be filled with 35,000 plus students. Come meet up with us at the UGA Arch and we’ll go from there. This is a monthly opportunity (the second Saturday) to join in with other prayer warriors from across our city to focus prayer on the campus and our city. You are most welcome to join us as we walk, talk and pray for revival at UGA, across Athens, and beyond (even if you’ve never prayer walked before).

Prayer for the Middle East
Wednesday, August 15 / noon to 1pm
Living Hope (House of Prayer) – 2150 Lexington Road, Athens 30605

This is the monthly gathering of focused prayer for the Middle East and Israel. Often there are some very specific prayer requests that lead to very focused prayer missiles into a battle torn land! Everyone is welcome to join in as we pray for Israel and the Middle East. Please pray for the Kingdom of God to advance in Israel and across the Middle East!

Night of Healing Prayer
Thursday, August 16 / 7 to 8:30pm
St James UMC – 111 West Lake Drive, Athens 30606

This is an opportunity to receive healing (and confidential) prayer from trained people. God has done amazing things on these nights. Please join us if you’d like prayer, or even just to come and linger in the context of worship. All are welcome!!!

Campus Ministers Prayer
Thursdays, starting August 23 / 3 to 4:30pm
UGA Wesley Foundation – 1196 South Lumpkin, Athens 30605

This is a weekly opportunity to connect, journey together and pray for each other and the campus for those who lead ministries on the UGA campus. Please pray for the various campus ministries and their leaders. Pray that God would continue to unite us and build an even deeper and wider level of unity.

One Race
Saturday, August 25
Stone Mountain

Leaders of all races, cultures, and denominations from across Georgia will unite together in prayer and worship to demonstrate our unity in Christ at this solemn assembly on Stone Mountain! Let’s humble ourselves before God to release a movement of revival and racial reconciliation in our city, state and nation! For more information go to

Executive Pastors Prayer
Thursday, August 30 / 9 to 10am
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Road, Athens 30606

Jumping back into our monthly rhythm (though we still need to nail down our specific slot each month), the executive pastors from across our city will re-converge to connect and pray together. Please pray for these guys who “run” the churches in our city! Ask God to give them wisdom from above, and grace to walk it out.

Groups Pastors Prayer
Thursday, August 30 / 10 to 11am
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Road, Athens 30606

This is a big month for group’s ministries in our city. Several churches have their groups launch in late August. Please be praying that God would draw in more folks to these groups. That He would prepare and pour out grace on the group leaders and that He would connect the people in the right groups. Ask God to give us a strong groups ministry in our city. We are better together! And please pray for the pastors who lead the groups ministries in Athens!

Ongoing and inspirational…

Athens Daily Prayer Texts
All across Athens area

These Daily Prayer Texts are short messages sent to your cell phone every morning at 8am (ET). Each text includes a brief bible verse and a focus for praying. Pause and join with others across our city, having the same prayer focus each day! To sign up all you need to do is text @athenspray to 81010 and you’ll start getting these inspirational, prayer focusing texts right away.

Encounter Gatherings
Thursdays / 6:30 to 8pm
Cornerstone (Prayer Center) – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605

These weekly gatherings continue through the summer and are open to everyone who wants to meet with God and grow in their faith. The summer focus is “The Believers Authority.” These gatherings include some amazing teaching, deep worship and lots of prayer! Everyone from across the city is invited join in if you are able!

Coming up…

All Campus Prayer Gathering
Venue, time and date still to be determined

This will be an opportunity for UGA students from the various campus ministries to come together on campus to worship and pray sometime near the beginning of the school year! Once we nail down the date and venue we will definitely let you know. Please pray that these details would fall into place! Following this gathering we will launch Campus Prayer, which is a weekly prayer gathering for students and others to come together on campus and pray for God to do His awesome deeds!

Pastors Racial Reconciliation Gathering
Thursday, September 27 / 10am to noon
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Road, Athens 30606

It has now been over two years of coming together as black and white pastors from across Athens to pray into and discuss the racial issues in our city. And God continues to break down walls and allow us to grow deeper with one another. Please be praying for God’s momentum to continue into this next Pastors Racial Reconciliation. Pray that the ground that has been taken would be maintained and occupied. Pray that each pastor would be prepared for this next gathering to press in even more as we continue on where we left off. Pray that God would give us His strategies to lead us into a reconciled and transformed Athens!

For more (and up to date) stuff…
Not every prayer activity in Athens is listed above. Some of the above activities may change, and there are other prayer opportunities that come up in addition to things listed above… you can get the latest happenings at

Bless you heaps!!!