“… let us run with perseverance the race marked out before us.”
Hebrews 12:1 (NIV)

I sense the Lord is saying to us today, “stay in your own lane!” Have you ever driven one of those cars that have warnings that beep and flash when you cross out of your lane? They can be quite irritating at first. In some of them the steering actually pulls you back into your lane. It is so much like the Holy Spirit. The Lord wants us to stay focused and not be so involved in many things that we don’t do our best in the one thing He called us to. Each of us are called, appointed, and assigned to walk with God in our unique way. We have different gifts, talents, and callings. But today there is so much distraction that people are slipping into other people’s lanes, leaving their lane obstructed and not filled completely. It is important, actually, it is absolutely vital that we all stay wholeheartedly focused on what God has laid before us. It truly is one of those “for such a time as this” seasons! What we do in THIS season matters for eternity! This is a season of divine promotion, where God is raising up His body to new levels of authority, revelation and responsibility. What is that unique thing that God has assigned you to fulfill? With promotions we often need to lay aside what we were doing in the previous season. Don’t water your promotion down with lesser things (that is things you are not to be focusing on, like last year’s assignment or someone else’s responsibility). If you don’t know what it is that God has for you, it would be good to seek Him, as well as inviting others to join you in praying about it.

Now here are some vital ways to pray with and for others this month….

Back to School Prayer Vigil
Friday-Saturday, July 31-August 1 / 6pm to 6pm
UGA Wesley Foundation (Prayer Chapel) – 1196 S Lumpkin Street, Athens 30605

As many of our kids are getting ready to go back to a physical classroom (Oconee) for the first time since mid-March, others are still stuck at home with their virtual classroom (Athens). This is an important time for them which makes our BTS Prayer Vigil even more vital!!! Please check to see when and if your church has signed up and then join them onsite. If your church didn’t get a slot, you can still pray from wherever you are by grabbing the prayer guide at https://athensprayernetwork.com/back-to-school-prayer-guide/

BTW, thanks to road work going on along Lumpkin, if you are able to come to the BTS Vigil please park at the UGA Presbyterian Student Center (1250 S Lumpkin St., Athens). It’s just a short walk from Wesley. And be sure to bring your face mask and observe social distancing protocol.

Student Pastors Prayer
Thursday, August 6 / 9 to 10am
Cornerstone – 4680 Lexington Rd., Athens 30605

The Student Pastors will continue to meet on the first Thursday of the month. In August we will be doing it in person at Cornerstone!!! Student Pastors across Athens must continue to be very creative as churches are reopening and students begin to trickle back! Please join us from wherever you are and pray that God would draw students back in, even more hungry than before! Continue to be praying for all those who minister to the young people of our city, starting with the ones at your church. Ask God to prepare them for this season as school starts up. Pray that God would protect these Students Pastors, their teams and grant them creativity and wisdom as they connect with their students and stir them toward Jesus and wholehearted missional lives! Please pray for every student in our city, that this unprecedented moment in history would be the catalyst for revival in them, in our city and specifically among our Middle and High School students and campuses.

Athens Prayer Walk
Saturday, August 8 / 10am to noon
The Arch – Corner of College Avenue and East Broad Street

Usually this is on the first Saturday of the month, but in August we are having it on the second because of the BTS Prayer Vigil over the first weekend. We meet at The Arch and go from there. With students arriving back on campus, and classes starting up soon this will be a very important time to be praying, and specifically prayer-walking on campus. We are crying out for a great move of God at UGA. Please join us if you can! And of course, we ask that everyone observe the social distance guidelines.

Athens Intercessors Community
Monday, August 10 / 7 to 9pm
APN Prayer Center
We will be gathering, in person, as the Athens Intercessors Community in the APN Prayer Center. We will debrief all the recent prayer/intercession activities, share what God has been saying to us and get a sense of where we are heading as we press through the summer. If you’re one of the intercessors, please join us!

Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, August 12 / 9 to 10am
Living Hope (House of Prayer) – 2150 Lexington Rd., Athens 30605

This month the senior pastors will be meeting in person to pray for and with each other! Please use this opportunity to pray for the pastors in our city, starting with your own! Pray that God would give them extraordinary wisdom from above, divine creativity and Holy Spirit boldness as they lead their congregations through this exciting yet challenging new season. Pray that God would empower them to lead well, and for your church to be an instrument of life and help to the community. Ask God to guard and even deepen the unity He has been establishing over the past 10 years among pastors in our city. In the midst of all the weight that is currently on them, ask God to abundantly bless, extravagantly refresh, greatly encourage, divinely protect and supernaturally provide for your pastor, their marriage and their family. Ask God to meet each of these lead shepherds in Athens right where they are, and give them all that it takes to stay intimately connected to God and run strongly throughout this battle. And ask God to use our pastors as a powerful godly voice in our city, during such a time as this!

UGA Campus Ministry Directors Prayer
Thursday, August 13 & 27 / 3 to 4:30pm
Wesley (Bob’s office) – 1196 S Lumpkin St., Athens

Those who lead campus or college ministries are invited to join this every other Thursday prayer gathering. Our focus is praying for each other and for God to move powerfully across the college campus.

Groups Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, August 19 / 9:30 to 10:30am
Classic City Church Ministry Center – 386 N Milledge Avenue, Athens 30601

The Groups Pastors in Athens will be meeting in person this month. People are longing for authentic community and groups provide it! There are both virtual and in person groups operating in our city. This is the new norm. Pray that God would continue to lead the Groups Pastors in our city to create even more new and effective ways to stay connected and to connect new people. Pray that God would grant them wisdom and creativity. Pray that God would prepare them for the days ahead. Pray for the groups’ leaders to lead well in these new formats. Ask God to give each of these leaders a grace to rise up for the occasion. Pray for people in the groups to be willing to dive into the new formats as well as re-engage around in person groups, to share their lives and be open to grow. Pray that God would raise up more group leaders for this new season as we come out of our period of social distancing. And ask God to gently remove those who should not be leading groups any more. Ask God to protect and expand this vital ministry in our city. Ask Him for heaven to come down upon every group that meets in Jesus’ powerful Name in Athens!

Executive Pastors Prayer
Thursday, August 20 / 9 to 10am
Beech Haven Baptist – 2390 W Broad, Athens 30606
This month leaders who “run” churches in Athens will be coming together in person to share and pray with and for one another at Beech Haven Baptist Church. These leaders are hidden heroes who make huge decisions in an arena they have never walked in before. Please pray for the executive / administrative pastor (or those who do that role) in your church and the others who carry this load in the churches across our city. They need wisdom, creativity, boldness and faith. This is very a crucial ministry at such an important time as this! Pray that God would give them supernatural joy as they keep the systems operating and create new ones for Kingdom growth in Athens. Pray that God would increase His presence and favor in their lives and homes. Pray that God would give them what they need as the Church truly emerges in this new season.


Campus Prayer
Mondays / 12:15 to 1:15pm
UGA Tate Center
Starting date still TBD


Georgia Prayer Line
Wednesdays / 8am
Dial 425-436-6325 – when prompted enter access code 423231#

Please try to log in at 7:55am to announce your city and county. If you miss the live call you can still hear it by dialing 425-436-6309 (reference # for replay is 23).

Athens Daily Prayer Texts
All across Athens area
Every morning at 8am Daily Prayer Texts are delivered to cell phones across Athens and beyond. They are also posted each day at noon on the APN Facebook page. If you would like to receive these prayer focuses each day, please text @athenspray to 81010. This is a simply amazing way to start your day and to stand in unified, and focused prayer with others from across our city for our city!

Every day we post something on the APN Facebook page. Usually it is more than once. These posts include prayer opportunities, prayer points, prayer inspirations and the Daily Prayer Text. It is definitely worth checking out daily to help stay connected with what God is doing in our city, especially in such a time as this!
Bless you heaps!!!