It’s a new year! God is calling us to continue to press into Him. Many folks sense that this year is going to be significant. We start this month off with The Watch heading into its third month, with an hour of prayer on January 1, with an invitation to join a citywide fast (in preparation for a night of repentance later in the month), with a warrior training prayer conference, and sign ups for the next round of the watch that will start on February 1.

“Let us not become weary in doing good,
for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
Galatians 6:9 (NIV)

Here are some of the vital prayer opportunities in our city coming up in January and details on how to get involved…

The Athens Prayer Watch – Nearly non-stop prayer over Athens
Continues throughout January
Details: We have launched into our second Prayer Watch this year. This one is for three months and we have just finished our first month. At this point we have over (averaged out over the week) 15 hours of focused prayer each week! That’s tremendous!!! People pray from wherever they are in that same slot each week. There is still time to sign up for a slot or more (sign ups will continue definitely). For more details and to sign up check out

Preprayer for 2016
January 1
Let’s begin the year by taking up our position before God. This position is on our knees as we humble ourselves, seek His face, repent of our sin, and intercede for our city and nation. Then having done all, let’s stand firm in our faith that God has heard and will answer our prayer. Please join in for one hour (anytime) on the first day of the first month, as together we PREPRAYER for this New Year. More information:

Student Pastors Prayer
Thursday, January 7 / 9-10am
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Road, Athens, GA 30606
Details: This is our monthly Student Pastor Prayer Gathering, where we connect to pray with and for one another and for the students across our area. If you are not a student pastor please join us in praying from wherever you are at for God to move among the students and the student ministries in the Athens area.

The Watch 2016
Starts, February 1 and continues through May 1
Details: We will be diving into a new round of The Watch in 2016. If you want to continue on you must sign up again. If you don’t want to continue in your slot, you can either not sign up at all, or sign up for a new slot. There will be no carrying over unless you want to. Sign ups will begin on January 9. We’ll be sending out the new link to sign up for this new watch.

New Year New Heart – More than Conquerors
Saturday, January 9, 2016 / 8:30am to 5:30pm
Cornerstone Church – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
Cost: $30 (which includes lunch)
Details: This is the annual prayer conference hosted by Athens College of Ministry. Join us as we learn to pray victoriously and passionately in the revelation of God’s love. Besides awesome teaching, there will be times of worship and prayer together, as well as opportunities to receive personal ministry. Great way to start the year as a warrior for Jesus! To register visit:

Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, January 13 / 9 to 10am
Living Hope – 2150 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
Details: Senior pastors praying with and for each other and for our city. If you are not a senior pastor, take this opportunity and join with us by praying for your pastor during this same one-hour slot.

Prayer Walk
Saturday, January 16 /10am to noon
Details: Each month we have an organized prayer walk. Usually on the second Saturday, but because of the NYNH conference we pushed it back one week. Every prayer walks is unique and exciting. And we do it rain or shine, hot or cold. We meet at the arch and go from there. Please join us as we walk the paths and/or streets downtown, crying out for God to break forth here. If you are not able to be with us on site, please grab a few moments to pray for UGA from wherever you are at.

Prayer for Middle East
Wednesday, January 20 / noon to 1pm
Classic City Ministry Center – 386 N. Milledge Ave., Athens 30601
Details: Join us as we pray for the people affected by the conflict in Syria and throughout the Middle East. Everyone is welcome!!! And if you can’t come, please pray for Israel and the Middle East form wherever you are at.

All Pastors Prayer
Thursday, January 21 / 10 to 11am
Athens Prayer Center – Cornerstone 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
Details: This monthly prayer gathering is for pastors and ministers from across Athens. If you are not a pastor, please pray for the pastors in Athens during the day!

Solemn Assembly
Sunday, January 22 / 7 to 9pm
Details: We are inviting praying folks from around Athens to join in a fast during the month of January. Several churches are participating. This fast is in preparation of a night of citywide repentance (called Solemn Assembly). Please consider joining us in the important opportunity. More info will be out soon.

SENDathens Conference
Friday, January 22 / 7 to 9:30pm and Saturday, January 23 / 9am to noon
Calvary Bible – 2026 South Milledge Ave Athens, GA 30605
Cost: $15 (includes t-shirt if you register by January 10)
Details: SENDathens is a coalition of local churches and ministries committed to sending Christ-followers to bless the nations with his love & truth. They love the city and create environments for doing more together than we could do alone. This is one of those environments. The SENDathens Conference is a gathering open to anyone in the community interested in missions and seeing disciples of Jesus from every people group in the world. They are looking for both people to attend the conference, but just as important, people who will be in prayer for the conference.

For more information on the SENDathens movement go to:

If you would like to attend the conference you can go to:

Worship Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, January 27 / 9 to 10am
Wesley Prayer Chapel – 1196 S Lumpkin Street, Athens 30605
Details: Worship pastors / directors from across Athens meet up to connect, share life, and pray together. If you are not a worship pastor, please pray for the worship in your church as well as across the city.

Coming Up…

Pastors Prayer Summit
Wednesday, February 10 / 9 to 10:30am
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Road, Athens, GA 30606
Details: This is an opportunity to come together as pastors and ministers from across Athens, as whole pastoral teams, to connect and pray together. We make new friends as well as circle up with others doing the same thing. Please mark your calendar for this important event!

National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 5 / all day
Across Athens and beyond
Details: There will be prayer opportunities from the early morning breakfast, to on site prayer during the day (hopefully including the court house steps at noon) and concluding with a citywide prayer gathering. Please mark your calendar NOW to be involved all day if you can!


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