“I pray with all my heart; answer me, LORD!”  
Psalm 119:145 (NLT)

With summer upon us it takes diligence to maintain the depth and intensity of our prayer lives. Our routines are shattered, our rhythms are broken, our space is occupied and our attention is elsewhere. Please make it a priority to maintain your secret place with Jesus throughout the summer, even if it requires you to do things differently. Look for Jesus in fresh new ways throughout the summer. He will reveal to you many awesome things if you are willing to press in, especially when it’s not easy or convenient.

Here are some opportunities to pray and press into God with others this month. May the Lord open your eyes to new things as you pray!!!

Please note… Many of our normally scheduled prayer opportunities are not happening as usual. Enjoy, embrace this season of broken rhythm and get ready for what God is going to do in the fall. We will re-converge with a new rhythm in August.

Student Pastors Prayer
Thursday, June 7 / 9 to 10am
Cornerstone – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605

The Student Pastors from around Athens will be meeting up to connect and pray together. Please continue to join us as we pray for God to move powerfully on all the Middle School and High School campuses in Athens this Fall. Pray that Student Ministries would be effective and fruitful this summer. Pray for all the camps, mission trips and activities the various Student Ministries will be involved in, starting with the ones at you church. Pray for the churches that need help in their student ministries. Pray that God would prepare the way, doing whatever is necessary, for a mighty harvest across the campuses in Athens this Fall.

Groups Pastors Prayer 
Thursday, June 7 / 10 to 11am
Cornerstone – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605

The Group’s Pastors will be meeting up to pray together tomorrow. Please pray for these leaders as they prepare for a strong groups launch in the Fall. Pray for more and the right group leaders. Pray that they would have a very productive summer! Pray for all the groups ministries across our city!!!

Prayer Walking at UGA
Saturday, June 9 / 10am to just before noon
UGA Arch – Corner of Broad Street and College Ave

Rain or shine, hot or hotter, we will hit the ground praying. Come meet up with us at the UGA Arch and we’ll go from there. This is a monthly opportunity (the second Saturday) to join in with other prayer warriors from across our city to focus prayer on the campus and our city. These times are always amazing and quite unique!!! You are most welcome to join us as we walk, talk and pray for revival at UGA, across Athens, and beyond.

Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, June 13 / 9 to 10am
The Light – 174 Henderson Ext., Athens 30605

Every month there is an opportunity for the Senior Pastors from around Athens come together to encourage and pray for and with each other. This has become a safe place for these pastors to connect, share deeply and pray with others who are doing the same thing. Senior Pastors carry a tremendous load and play a very important role in our city. God has given us an amazing and unique grace for unity in Athens. Please pray for your pastor (walk with Jesus, prayer life, integrity, courage, faith, peace, trust, wisdom, discernment…). And pray for other senior pastors that you know of across our city. Pray that during these crazy summer months their faith and passion for Jesus would not be distracted, but instead would grow!

Prayer for the Middle East
Wednesday, June 20 / noon to 1pm
Living Hope (House of Prayer) – 2150 Lexington Road, Athens 30605

This is the monthly gathering of focused prayer for the Middle East and Israel. There are usually updates from the Middle East, that lead to very specific praying. Everyone is welcome to join in as we pray for Israel and the Middle East. Please pray for the Kingdom of God to advance in Israel and across the Middle East!

Ongoing and inspirational…

Athens Daily Prayer Texts
All across Athens area

These Daily Prayer Texts are short messages sent to your cell phone every morning at 8am. Each text includes a brief bible verse and a focus for praying. To sign up all you need to do is text @athenspray to 81010 and you’ll start getting these inspirational, prayer focusing texts right away.

Encounter Gatherings
Thursdays / 6:30 to 8pm
Cornerstone (Athens Prayer Center) – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605

These weekly gatherings are open to everyone who wants to meet with God and grow in their faith. The focus will be on “The Believers Authority.” These gatherings include some amazing teaching, deep worship and lots of prayer! Everyone from across the city is invited join in if you are able!

Coming up…

Pastors Racial Reconciliation Gathering
Thursday, July 26 / 10am to noon
Classic City Church Ministry Center – 386 N Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30601

Wow, if you haven’t heard, our last Pastors Racial Reconciliation Gathering was a time of breakthrough. Please be praying that the ground that was taken would be maintained and occupied. Pray that each pastor would be prepared for this next gathering to press in even more as we revisit where we left off last time. Pray that God would give us His strategies to lead us into a reconciled Athens!

End of Summer Prayer Vigil
Friday, August 3 / 8pm to 8pm
Wesley Prayer Chapel – 1196 South Lumpkin, Athens 30605

The focus will be for revival in the schools in Athens. We’ll be praying for all the students going back to class. Depending on how many teams we have will determine how long we go. We are hoping that we have 24 teams (churches/ministries) sign up for one hour slots and come pray for all these students (elementary, middle school, high school and college). If you are interested in facilitating a slot with your church or ministry, please get back to me and we’ll plug you in. Slots are assigned on a first come basis. This is going to be awesome!

Campus Ministries Leaders Prayer Gathering
Tuesday, August 7 / 9 to 11am
Christ Community Church – 890 Boulevard, Athens 30601

This is an opportunity for all the various campus ministries leadership teams to come together to connect and pray before classes start up on Monday August 13. And these times of unified prayer and always amazing as we recognize that each ministry is part of the body of Christ on the campus and that we are working together to reach and minister to students on the campus!!!

All Campus Prayer Gathering
Venue, time and date still to be determined

This will be an opportunity for students from the various campus ministries to come together on campus to worship and pray sometime near the beginning of the school year! Please pray that these details could get nailed down!

For more (and up to date) stuff…

Not every prayer activity in Athens is listed above. Some of the above activities may change, and there are other prayer opportunities that come up in addition to things listed above… you can get the latest happenings at www.facebook.com/groups/1423907481169281/

Bless you heaps!!!