“Everything is possible for him who believes.”
Mark 9:23 (NIV)

Prayer is not just wishful thinking. It is not simply laying out our “prayer list” hoping God will hear us and grant us what we request. The level of faith we bring into our request matters. Jesus said “anything (NLT), all things (ESV), EVERYTHING is possible to him who believes.” James tells us that when we ask we are not to doubt, for the one who doubts is doubleminded and won’t receive anything (James 1:5-8). Yet Jesus says believe what you’re asking for and you can move mountains. But He says you must REALLY BELIEVE (Mark 11:22-24). David wrote that God faithfully answers prayers with awesome deeds (Psalm 65:5 NLT). Do you want to see God do awesome deeds? Believe! Want to experience more answered prayers? Believe! Want God to move those mountains? Believe! You see, God wants to do awesome. We just need to ask Him, believing that He hears and responds to our prayer. May God increase your ability to believe for Him to faithfully answer your prayers with awesome deeds!

Here are some great opportunities to pray and believe for God to do awesome deeds in Athens and beyond!

Prayer Walking at UGA
Saturday, March 2 / 10am to just before noon
UGA Arch – Corner of Broad Street and College Ave

Normally on the second Saturday of the month, in March we’ll be doing it on the first Saturday. Whether it is cold, wet, dry, sunny, gloomy, windy or still, we will hit the pavement praying for God to do His will, completely and powerfully, in Athens. Come and join in with other folks from across Athens, if you are able, and focus BIG prayer on the campus and on our city. Every prayer walk is truly unique, amazingly, and pretty awesome!!! We meet up at the UGA Arch and go from there. Whether you have never been on a prayer walk before, or you’re a veteran intercessor, or somewhere in-between, you are welcome to join us as we walk, talk and pray for revival at UGA, across Athens, and beyond.

Student Pastors Prayer
Thursday, March 7 / 9 to 10am
St James – 111 West Lake Drive, Athens, GA 30606

Every month, usually on the first Thursday, Student Pastors from around our city meet up to connect and pray together. This one is especially important as we just came out of The Mix and we want to celebrate together the awesome things God did. Please join us as we press into God in prayer for each other and for fruit from The Mix. Pray for a powerful movement of God to sweep across all the Middle School and High School campuses in Athens. Pray for the effectiveness and fruitfulness of every student ministry in our city. Ask God for more students to be drawn in, and that He’d rise up and prepare more leaders. Cry out to Him for revival in each church’s student ministry in Athens. And please ask God to increase your believing pleading with Him to release an awakening (lost kids coming to Christ) on all the campuses across our city!

Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, March 13 / 9 to 10am
Living Hope – 2150 Lexington Road, Athens, GA 30605

This monthly opportunity for SENIOR PASTORS is an amazing expression of unity as these leaders come together in humility and prayerfully share the journey. If you are able, please take time to pray for your pastor from wherever you are at while we are meeting. Ask God to refresh, encourage, protect and provide for your pastor, their marriage and their family. Pray that God would guard and deepen the amazing and beautiful unity He has established in Athens among pastors. Ask God to meet them right where they are, and give them what it takes to run strongly this year!

Executive Pastors Prayer
Thursday, March 21 / 9 to 10am
Watkinsville First Baptist Church 1610 Simonton Bridge Rd, Watkinsville, GA 30677

Those amazing leaders who “run” the churches in Athens come together each month to share and pray for each other. Please pray for your executive/administrative pastor and the others who carry this load in the churches in Athens. Pray that God would give them wisdom and joy as they keep the systems operating smoothly and effectively for Kingdom growth in our city. Pray that God would increase His presence in their lives and homes.

Night of Healing Prayer
Thursday, March 21 / 7 to 8:30pm
St James UMC – 111 West Lake Drive, Athens 30606

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who would like to receive healing prayer, in a safe, confidential way. Trained prayer ministers are available to pray for you. Please come and allow others to surround your in loving healing prayer.

Repairers of the Breach Conference
Friday & Saturday, March 22-23
Cornerstone – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens, GA 30605

This is a Christ-centered, locally focused, and free two-day Christian conference for Athens area churches and ministries. Its aim is to strengthen unity amongst the saints and to equip them to love and engage our city in word and deed. Repairers of the Breach will consist of worshipping God through fellowship, prayer, biblical teaching and music, and will feature a widely diverse group of leaders, speakers, and musical worship team from across the city. Our ultimate vision is for God to be worshipped by every people group and every neighborhood throughout Athens. Please be praying for this strategic racial reconciliation gathering!!! There is no cost to attend, but you do need to register. For more info or to reserve you a spot, please contact Trev Rogers at 706-254-1381 or rogers.trev.a@gmail.com.

Groups Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, March 27 / 9:30 to 10:30am
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Road, Athens, GA 30606

Groups provide accountability, belonging and community. The bottom line – we are not meant to do life alone. Life is better connected! And that’s what the groups ministries are all about in Athens. Groups are a vital component for establishing and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. These ministries are a key part of our advancing the Kingdom of God in Athens. Please ask God to draw more people into these life-bringing groups. Ask Him to give tremendous grace to each group leader in our city. Ask God to rise up more strong leaders in Athens so we can start more new healthy groups. And please pray for the those who lead the groups ministries in Athens, starting with your own church!

Pastors Racial Unity Gathering
Thursday, March 28 / 10am to noon
Hill Chapel Baptist Church – 1692 W Hancock Ave, Athens, GA 30606

Black and white pastors from Athens have been coming together to pray and dialog around sensitive racial issues over the past several years. And God is doing amazing things in our city through this group. Walls are coming down and obstacles that divide us are being removed. Authentic relationships amongst the spiritual gatekeepers of our city are growing. Please pray for God’s momentum to continue into this next gathering. Pray that the ground of racial unity that has already been taken would be occupied and that more territory would be taken. Pray that God would give us His strategies to lead us into a reconciled, unified and transformed Athens!

Ongoing and inspirational…

Athens Daily Prayer Texts
All across Athens area

Daily Prayer Texts are sent to cell phones across Athens and beyond very morning at 8am (ET). Each DPT includes a brief bible verse and a focus for praying. If you’re not getting these yet please sign up. You will be standing in unity with others across our city, and have the same prayer focus every day! To receive the DPT just text @athenspray to 81010 and you’ll start getting them right away.

Campus Prayer
Monday, March 4, 18 & 25 / 12 to 1pm
UGA Tate Center – Room 480

We meet every Monday, and it is always amazing, ALWAYS!!! This is an opportunity for UGA students (and others) to come together on campus from various campus ministries and local churches to pray for each other, for revival at UGA and for God to do amazing/awesome among us! Please join us during this lunch hour prayer, even if you can’t be there on time ( i.e. have to arrive late or leave early for class or work).

Campus Ministers Prayer
Thursdays, March 7, 21 & 28 / 3 to 4:30pm
Campus View Church – 1360 South Lumpkin, Athens 30605

Every Thursday during the school year those who lead campus ministries at UGA meet up to connect, journey together and pray for each other and the campus. Please pray for the various campus ministries (i.e. Wesley, CRU, RUF, Team United, Grace Athens, BCM, etc.) and their leaders. Pray that God would unite us even more and build an even deeper and wider level of unity across the campus.

Coming up…

For more (and up to date) stuff…
There are more prayer things happening in Athens than listed here. Some of the above activities may change, and there are other prayer opportunities that come up in addition to things listed above… you can get the latest happenings at www.facebook.com/groups/1423907481169281/

Bless you heaps!!!