“When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly…”
Acts 2:1-2a (NIV)

There is much chatter among the prophetically discerning about something significant coming. This whole world pandemic and economic chaos has definitely got our attention. That which can be shaken is definitely being shaken (Hebrews 12:26-31). The Passover this past month was historic. As far as I know, it was the first time since the Exodus story that the Jews were “locked down” inside their homes. Since then, much prayer has been going on during these days between Passover and Pentecost. So, from now until Pentecost, which is on May 31, we are asking praying folks to ramp it up! Be crying out for God to prepare us for whatever is coming. Ask Him to reveal idols, both inside your house and inside your heart. Consider reading through the Book of Revelation, especially noting and meditating upon the Lamb of God.

Here are some great opportunities to be praying with and/or for others, as we prepare our hearts, our homes and our city for King Jesus. But whether you join us or not, please do whatever you need to do to be ready!!!

National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 7 / 7:30am to 10pm
Across Athens and beyond

The theme this year is “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea” (Haggai 2:14 NIV). Throughout the day there will be a different prayer focus every hour, with two local zoom prayer gatherings and a virtual national prayer gathering. For more details and the hourly prayer guide please check out…

Local Prayer Gatherings
7:30 to 8:30am and Noon to 1pm
Zoom details… https://zoom.us/j/923847961
Phone: 1 646 558 8656

National Prayer Gathering
8 to 10pm
National broadcast Facebook Live. For more info please check out www.nationaldayofprayer.org

Student Pastors Prayer
Thursday, May 7 / 9 to 10am
Via Zoom

The Student Pastors will continue to meet on the first Thursday of the month. In May, once again we will be doing it via Zoom! Student Pastors across Athens have had to be very creative in reaching out to their students who have been “sheltered in place.” Please join us from wherever you are and be praying for all those who minister to the youth of our city, starting with the ones at your church. Pray that God would prepare them for Pentecost. Pray that God would protect these Students Pastors, their teams and grant them creativity and wisdom as they stay connected with their students and stir them toward Jesus and living missional lives! Pray for all the students in our city as well, that this unprecedented moment in history would be the catalyst for revival in them, in our city and specifically among our Middle and High School students.

Athens Intercessors Pre-Pentecost Watch
Monday, May 11-12 / 7pm to 7pm
Via Zoom

Athens Intercessors will be preparing the way for this year’s Pentecost with a 24-hour prayer watch. Intercessors will be leading TWO hour slots, inviting others to join them. Please feel free to join in from wherever you are during this 24 hour period. We’re crying out for God to prepare us personally, the Church and our city for what He is about to do. There will be a prayer guide available. More details soon!

Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, May 13 / 9 to 10am
Via Zoom

Our pastors are still meeting (via Zoom), sharing ideas, sharing what God is showing them and praying for each other. Please use this opportunity to pray for the pastors in our city, beginning with your own! Pray that God would give them extraordinary wisdom, creativity and boldness as they lead their congregations through this challenging time, through to reopening and re-establishing “church” in this new era. Pray that God would empower them to lead well, and for your church to be an instrument of life and help to the community. Ask God to guard and even deepen the unity He has been establishing over the past 10 years in our city. In the midst of all the weight that is currently on them, ask God to abundantly bless, refresh, encourage, protect and provide for your pastor, their marriage and their family. Ask God to meet each of these lead shepherds across Athens right where they are, and give them all that it takes to stay connected to God and run strongly throughout this battle. Ask God to use these pastors as a voice in our city! Pray that God would prepare them for Pentecost.

Prayer for the Middle East & Israel
Tuesday, May 19 / noon to 12:45pm
Via Zoom – https://us04web.zoom.us/j/5266299881
Meeting ID: 526 629 9881

Our monthly M.E./Israel prayer meeting is being moved this month to coincide with the “Night of Power”, on May 19th, 2020. In the Islam tradition, the “Night of Power” is considered the most appropriate time of the entire year to pray for salvation and blessings. It is believed that a Muslim’s past sins are forgiven if the person prays throughout this night. It is also believed that this night marks their fate in the following year. Let’s gather together (remotely of course) to pray for our Muslim friends, as they sincerely seek God’s face and forgiveness!

Groups Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, May 20 / 9:30 to 10:30am
Via Zoom

Groups that connect people are needed more than ever. New forms of Zoom groups have been established. In this time of prolonged social distancing, God is leading the Groups Pastors to create new, effective ways to stay connected. We will continue our monthly Groups Pastor in May via Zoom. Please pray for those who lead the groups ministries in our city, especially as what they did before is not viable during this crisis. They need wisdom and creativity. Pray that God would prepare them for Pentecost. Pray for the groups’ leaders to lead well in these new formats, and not to be intimidated by online groups. We’re all rookies at this. May God give each of these leaders a grace to rise up for the occasion. Pray for people in the groups to be willing to dive into the new formats, to share their lives and be open to grow. Pray that God would raise up more group leaders for the next emerging season as we come out of our period of social distancing. Ask God to protect and expand this vital ministry in our city. Ask Him for heaven to come down upon every group that meets in Jesus’ Name in Athens!

Executive Pastors Prayer
Thursday, May 21 / 9 to 10am
Via Zoom

This month, the leaders who “run” churches across Athens will still be coming together via Zoom. We’ll continue to share and pray for and with each other. These leaders are making decisions in an arena no one has ever walked in before. Please pray for the executive / administrative pastor (or those who do that role) in your church and the others who carry this load in the churches across our city. They need wisdom, creativity and faith. This is such a crucial ministry at such an important time as this! Cry out for God to release heaven over their lives! Pray that God would give them supernatural joy and peace as they keep the systems operating and create new ones for Kingdom growth in Athens. Pray that God would increase His presence and favor in their lives and homes. Pray that God would give them what they need as the Church emerges in this next season. Pray that God would prepare them for Pentecost.

Pastors Prayer for Reopening and Pentecost
Thursday, May 28 / 10am to noon
Cornerstone – 4680 Lexington Rd., Athens 30605

Pastors from around Athens will converge in person at Cornerstone to continue our discussion and prayer on opening up the church in Athens. Join us in praying for the pastors to be filled with grace and wisdom as they step through Pentecost 2020 into this new era for the church and life in our post Covid19 world!

Citywide Pre-Pentecost Prayer Watch
Friday, May 29 through Saturday, May 30 / 7pm to 7pm
Across Athens & beyond

We are calling for a citywide prayer watch on the eve of Pentecost. As we will have been praying all month for God to prepare us individually, as well as for our churches for an outpouring upon our city. There is an opportunity to sign up for ONE HOUR slots during this period. There will be a prayer guide to help focus the prayers, as well as regular updates and prayer videos on the APN Facebook page. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity to prepare the way for our King. For more info or to sign up for one or more slots please go to https://www.slottr.com/sheets/18251114. So mark your calendar, save the date and promote it among your church and prayer partners!!!

Ongoing and inspirational…

Georgia Prayer Line
Wednesday / 8am
Dial 425-436-6325 – when prompted enter access code 423231#

Please try to log in at 7:55am to announce your city and county. If you miss the live call you can still hear it by dialing 425-436-6309 (same access code).

Athens Daily Prayer Texts
All across Athens area

Every morning at 8am Daily Prayer Texts are delivered to cell phones across Athens and beyond. They are also posted each day at noon on the APN Facebook page. If you would like to receive these prayer focuses each day, please text @athenspray to 81010. This is a simply amazing way to start your day and to stand in unified, and focused prayer with others from across our city for our city!

For more (and up to date) stuff…
Every day we post something on the APN Facebook page. Usually it is more than once. These posts include prayer opportunities, prayer points, prayer inspirations and the Daily Prayer Text. It is definitely worth checking out daily to help stay connected with what God is doing in our city, especially in such a time as this!

Bless you heaps!!!